Mystical Musings

Time….My Old Dance Partner

What a bizarre…and often confrontational…relationship we have!!

I have come a long way in learning to balance and harmonize myself in relationship to Time and its power over me (as revealed in my highly expressive post Time ~ and his hold on me!!).

I now recognize when I irrationally push myself against a giant clock that has no existence…and I rarely allow myself to get entangled in the complicated web of self-imposed deadlines that I once fostered.

But……….I just recently noticed that I still see Master Time as an opposition to my journey.     I seem to allow Time to soar by in copious amounts…without noticing that it has passed.     I often limit that which I schedule in any week or month….because I subconsciously believe that I won’t have enough “time”.     

Although my drastic challenges with Time are in the past….I realize that I still do not have a healthy view of how Time can support and assist me.

There’s a part of me that is still seeking to gently “survive” my dance with Master Time.

How useless is that belief???

If Time is not real…and has no true value…how can it ever limit me or take from me???

There is nothing to “survive”!!!

There is only LIFE to LIVE!!!

Time is a man-made measurement….designed to reflect our efforts and experiences within a box of expectation.

We expect that it is appropriate to sleep during the mid-night hours.      We expect that we should be reading short stories by 6 or 7 years old.    We expect that is necessary to have all our finances aligned by the end of the month.

We have allowed Time to take on acceptable characteristics that guide us on our journey.     And “I” have allowed Time to silently tell me where i should be in each moment.

How senseless is that??

So……today I shall remind myself that LIFE is a beautiful Journey!!!     Life is a natural expression of personal passion, creativity, and Love!!      I shall endeavor to BE all that I am inwardly guided to BE in each moment….without pressure, expectation, or limitation!!!

I shall endeavor to be the Master of my own Journey…..and leave Time to be conceptual proof that we always have a choice in how we spend our days!!!!

Once again my dear friend I must claim:

“You have no hold on me!!”

In Joy and Infinitely-flowing LOVE,


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