“The enlightened ones shall walk the earth….”

“In your bravery….you have chosen to walk AS the illuminated master being that you are!!    It is written…”and they will walk among us”.    And so….this is you!!   The enlightened ones shall walk the earth and remind us of our greatest truth…that we hold the potential to create worlds and lifetimes of Peace and Joy!!   We have it within us to BE the source of Light that empowers….and literally powers all life!!    We ARE a source of pure energy!!”

When we remember…we naturally break down the walls of separation and connect!! 

© Alania Starhawk 2016

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Morgan says:

    So Inspirational 😉

    1. I genuinely love you my beautiful sister!! ♥ You are certainly one of the “enlightened ones” I speak of!!!!

      1. Morgan says:

        Oh my Alania!! 🙂 Thank You Ever so much…I will need to read this again…as soon as the tears dry ❤

        Peace and Gentle Love and Hope to you my Sweet Soul Sister 🙂

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