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Transforming Betrayal Into Self-Empowerment

Are you ready to free yourself from feeling less-than-loved??

I find myself a bit triggered this morning by an old memory and experience that allowed me to be treated less-than-kindly.

The soul who offered the less-than-kindly energy (a few years ago) was truly not an important soul in my life. I wasn’t emotionally attached to their presence or non-presence. But, when their blast of unjustified blame touched me, it awakened the unprocessed pain of all past wounds and betrayals.

I did easily free myself from that less-than-kind experience a few years ago and I happily moved on with life.

But, I find that this seemingly unimportant soul is now weaving back into my personal circles of Light and support and I find myself feeling somewhat attacked.

So for clarity’s sake, let’s remember that this soul is only honoring their personal journey. Their presence has nothing to do with “my” anything.

The belief that I can be harmed, touched, or affected by this soul’s presence is illusion. And that illusion only has power because I have accepted that another has the power to disrespect me, betray me, harm me, or take from me.

The place to heal is within me!!!!

I am perfectly and whole-ly honored, respected, accepted, and loved in all moments, as a fact. My perceiving, receiving, or allowing any less-than energy to touch me is a sign that “I” am not feeling perfectly and whole-ly honored, respected, accepted, and loved in all moments.

The place to heal is within me!!!!

This soul is not responsible for any of the pain or blame I felt or now feel. Their actions only reflected the energy they felt within and it only touched me because I personally aligned with that energy in some way.

A few years ago, during another dance of perceived betrayal, Spirit taught me to envision Lord Siddhartha Buddha as my inspiration. I thought of how Lord Buddha knew who he was. He had a confidence and a divine knowing that filled him completely.

Do you believe that if another treated him less-than-kindly, he would allow it to change the way he saw himself or his journey??

Another’s actions can only be a reflection upon themselves. It only becomes a reflection within our personal journey when we choose to interact with or participate in that experience!!

Only we are responsible for our own personal energy. Another can not betray me, unless I’m asking for them to be something other than that which they are.

Without judgment, it is truly beautiful to know that each soul is only honoring that which is best for their own personal journeys.

And as “I” am honoring that which is best for mine, I find myself excited to know that this illusion no longer has power over me.

My emotions are only a reflection of the truth “I” hold within.

© Alania Starhawk 2014

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