Channeled Messages

The Precipice

We're standing at the precipice of ALL we've ever known!! Can you feel the depth of those words...reverberating truth in greater and greater ways??    Those words can bring instant clarity to this particular moment in any personal situation...or to a birds eye view of your entire lifetime...or to a truly esoteric vision of our… Continue reading The Precipice

Mystical Musings

True LOVE Can Never Be Lost

In this ever-changing world that surrounds us...too many of us believe that LOVE can be taken from us in one way or another.    Perhaps it is fate that intervened and shifted our whole world upside down...or perhaps it is time that allowed space to grow between two souls.    It may be that the… Continue reading True LOVE Can Never Be Lost

Spirit Teachings

“Stay Centered in SELF”

All of my messages have a single theme over these last few days. "Stay centered in SELF!!" All other paths will redirect your precious and valuable energy away from that which is your journey...and lead you to believe that there is something to covet, hold on to, or protect. That's a pretty powerful statement...and it… Continue reading “Stay Centered in SELF”


“Transmute ALL I AM to LOVE”

I wish to use my SACRED POWER to re-birth every cell, atom, and molecule in my beautiful body...into wholeness and well-being!!   I see all effortlessly re-birthing itself into the purest of Light essence and and all that is Love.    In every way...may my body BE healthy!!   May it hold only LOVE!! At… Continue reading “Transmute ALL I AM to LOVE”

Channeled Messages

Re-evaluating “ME”

Can you recognize that all we currently have in our a representation of that which aligns with our current belief systems and energies?? The people, the places, the experiences that we attract...all naturally harmonize with the thoughts and prayers we hold within. least until resistance begins to appear.     Suddenly that which was… Continue reading Re-evaluating “ME”

Mystical Musings

Seeing the Brightest “YOU”

Are you ready??   I'm going to let you into my silent thoughts for a moment or two. More than a few times this week....I've felt a pang of disappointment in myself because I wasn't able to show more kindness or compassion to those who appeared a bit lost or alone within themselves.    … Continue reading Seeing the Brightest “YOU”

Mystical Musings

“I AM” …without censor

There is true power held in the union of these two little words.     They invoke a wave of manifest remembrance when spoken with authority and conviction.    They imply authentic reality in this exact moment. I AM I have lifted my spirit into many transcendent states with the ever-flowing expressions of "I AM". I… Continue reading “I AM” …without censor

Spirit Teachings

Sacred Spaces Are Calling To Us Now

These Sacred Spaces are calling to our inner being.    They are designed to speak to us energetically…and open portals of higher knowing and BEing within. ♥ They mark a point of UNION between the higher realms and the earthly realms…allowing the veils of separation to be thinner between our Divine Selves and our Earthly Personas.… Continue reading Sacred Spaces Are Calling To Us Now

Mystical Musings

Imagine…An Open and Receptive World

This morning I lay in bed...feeling the "call" of this Open and Receptive world of possibility!!!     I feel my day actually calling out to me.    But it's not the "day" I planned with actions and obligations...that I hear.      It's the ENERGY of this day that shall support me in all… Continue reading Imagine…An Open and Receptive World

Mystical Musings

Our Hearts Are The Greatest Natural Resource We Have!!

Our hearts are the greatest natural resource we have!!   And for most of us...the true power of the heart is still untapped.    But with intention and awareness...that can and will shift!!   We are actually creating Heaven on Earth by remaining heart-centered!! ♥ in Love and Ever-flowing Joy, Alania