Channeled Messages

The Precipice

We're standing at the precipice of all we've ever known. Can you feel the depth of these words reverberating truth in greater and greater ways?? These words can bring instant clarity to this particular moment in any personal situation, or to a birds eye view of your entire lifetime, or to a truly esoteric vision… Continue reading The Precipice

Mystical Musings

True Love Can Never Be Lost

In this ever-changing world that surrounds us, too many of us believe that LOVE can be taken from us in one way or another. Perhaps it is fate that intervened and shifted our whole world upside down, or perhaps it is time that allowed space to grow between two souls. It may be that the… Continue reading True Love Can Never Be Lost

Mystical Musings

“I AM” …without censor

There is true power held in the union of these two little words. They invoke a wave of manifest remembrance when spoken with authority and conviction. They imply authentic reality in this exact moment. I AM I have lifted my spirit into many transcendent states with the ever-flowing expressions of "I AM". I AM Love Embodied… Continue reading “I AM” …without censor

Spirit Teachings

Sacred Spaces Are Calling To Us Now

These Sacred Spaces are calling to our inner being. They are designed to speak to us energetically, and open portals of higher knowing and being within. ♥ They mark a point of UNION between the higher realms and the earthly realms, allowing the veils of separation to be thinner between our Divine Selves and our Earthly… Continue reading Sacred Spaces Are Calling To Us Now

Mystical Musings

Our Hearts Are The Greatest Natural Resource We Have

Our hearts are the greatest natural resource we have. And for most of us, the true power of the heart is still untapped. But with intention and awareness, that can and will shift. We are actually creating Heaven on Earth by remaining heart-centered!! ♥ © Alania Starhawk 2014

Channeled Messages

“Your Journey Was Not Made In Utero!!”

Can you identify with this truth?? As evident as our physical journey appears, our Light Selves are awakening to true remembrance. We, as a united force, are so much more than we imagine ourselves to be!! A message from Divine Source: Allow yourSelf to float without direction or control to your birthplace in the stars… Continue reading “Your Journey Was Not Made In Utero!!”