Mystical Musings

Imagine…An Open and Receptive World

This morning I lay in bed…feeling the “call” of this Open and Receptive world of possibility!!!     I feel my day actually calling out to me.    But it’s not the “day” I planned with actions and obligations…that I hear.      It’s the ENERGY of this day that shall support me in all ways!!

I pray that you can understand what I say….because this new teaching seems to hold great power for each of us…if we can trust in its message.

The world (the energetic playground we experience LIFE in) is welcoming me to step into it freely!!!    

It’s speaking to the ever-expansive AWARE ME….and reminding me that it supports me!!

Now…I must pause and explain the force behind those words.

When I say that this infinite world supports me…..I’m saying (it is showing me) that it is morphing itself continuously to SUPPORT ME!!

This world that I see………listens and responds to my soul’s call tooooooo!!

I recognize that over these past few days….my body has been in non-stop ever-flowing motion.     Each moment was of great power, importance, and beauty.    And yet….it wasn’t easy for me to physically balance all of that motion.

This morning…the world shows me that it could have supported me more fully…if I had been in that state of Awareness that is open and receptive tooooooooo. .

It could have sent a wave of rejuvenative energy through every foot step…or every breath.      It could have assisted in stretching the appearance of “time” just a little bit.    It could have gently neutralized some of the intense energies I felt coming towards me…and thereby enable me to be more PRESENT in my own precious journey.

I can truly see that as expansive as I believe myself to be….I’m still co-creating each day in a brave and independent way.  

This morning they remind me…..that this great big beautiful energetic world is Open and Receptive to support ME in all I may require and desire!!!

How blessed I AM!!! ♥

So…….dear beautiful ever-flowing and blossoming world….look into my Spirit and see that which will bless me!!!    I welcome you into my journey….and ask that you fully SUPPORT ME in all possible ways!!!     I accept your offer of generous LOVE….and choose to be open and receptive to the possibilities tooooooooooo.   Thank YOU!!!

It suddenly seems that I now recognize the WORLD behind the “world” I once perceived!!     It all seems so much more intricate and AWE-inspiring through these eyes. ♥

“BRING IT ON” beautiful world……..I welcome your assistance and LOVE completely!!!

In JOY and Ever-expansive WONDER,


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