Mystical Musings

Seeing the Brightest “YOU”

Are you ready??   I’m going to let you into my silent thoughts for a moment or two.

More than a few times this week….I’ve felt a pang of disappointment in myself because I wasn’t able to show more kindness or compassion to those who appeared a bit lost or alone within themselves.     But…perhaps that doesn’t make it fully clear.

In several unassociated moments…I offered kindness and warmth to those who appeared in my sphere of being.    I looked into their eyes and tenderly touched their arm (all expressed naturally)…..and then as they spoke or took energy to a shallower space of being (for more than an expanded breath or two)….I gently redirected my energy.

I was not able to joyfully support their perspective of lack.    And then I felt guilt for not being more than I was.

But Spirit now shows me that I looked into each and every one of them…and saw their brightest self!!!    I offered LOVE to each of them…true and pure.

Yet once the energy shifted…and they wished for me to support them in an ego-driven experience…..I couldn’t do so genuinely.      I felt guilt because there was still a part of me that felt I should place their comfort above my own….even though I wasn’t able to physically do so.

Thankfully….Spirit is reminding me now….that I genuinely saw their brightest self.      And in the moment that I was asked to see any less-than their authentic, brilliant, potential-filled self….I became uncomfortable.

I truly thought that I wasn’t “angelic” enough.     But I now see that I genuinely BELIEVE in their brightest, most beautiful energy!!!      I will keep shining the LIGHT on that aspect of each soul I meet….and trust that on a deeper level….the message comes through:


And……….just in case you begin measuring your thoughts or words as limited or ego-driven let me tell you “stop right there”. ♥

If you allow your expressions in all moments to be GENUINE and heart-centered (no matter the joy, sadness or pain)…then it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!      

I share this thoughtful musing now because “I” was seeking clarity for myself….and realized that some of you may also be a bit too hard on yourselves too.       We are always the best we can be. ♥

In JOY and Ever-expanding FAITH,


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