Channeled Messages

Re-evaluating “ME”

Can you recognize that all we currently have in our lives….is a representation of that which aligns with our current belief systems and energies??

The people, the places, the experiences that we attract…all naturally harmonize with the thoughts and prayers we hold within.    Well….at least until resistance begins to appear.     Suddenly that which was uplifting and supportive a few weeks, months, and years ago is now irritating and a bit frustrating.

Can you identify with this phenomenon??

We’re so used to placing blame outward when something doesn’t flow effortlessly.     But stop for a moment and think…is it YOU that has changed your energy and vibration…or them??

Over the past few weeks…woven into the blissful JOY that I genuinely feel…I’ve noticed a bit of irrational irritability.  (((Smile)))    I questioned mySelf repeatedly…but didn’t feel the “Aha” hit me til a midnight whisper touched me last night.     It simply said:

“We know that you have felt the shift.   Veils of separations and perceived insignificance have lifted.    There is a newborn confidence within that is no longer comfortable with what has been.”  ♥

Can you feel the power in those words??    Without any judgment of mySelf or another….I can recognize that I am now trusting greater potential possibilities than I ever have.

Which tells me that it’s time to re-evaluate my thoughts, my prayers, my intentions, my dreams, my efforts, and all that comprises “me”.       Am I acting out of Habit (of what has been)…or in Awareness (of what is)??

What possibilities am I now ready to imagine, discover, and embrace??

I’ve re-evaluated my journey many times before….but I don’t know that I’ve ever celebrated that privilege as a “right of passage” into a higher state of BEing.

Look around yourself today.    Is the resistance truly coming from within??     If so….open the door to welcome more for yourself (whatever that may mean).       Once you are ready for more….the same jobs, friends, lovers, and experiences may suddenly reveal that they’ve had much more to share!!!!!

Remember….the re-evaluation comes from within!!!

In JOY and Grateful RECEPTIVITY,


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