Spirit Teachings

“Stay Centered in SELF”

All of my messages have a single theme over these last few days.

“Stay centered in SELF!!”

All other paths will redirect your precious and valuable energy away from that which is your journey…and lead you to believe that there is something to covet, hold on to, or protect.

That’s a pretty powerful statement…and it is not said lightly.     It reminds us that….

  • If we are focused on what another is doing/not-doing, achieving/not-achieving, or creating/not-creating…we are allowing our Ego (an aspect of our being that needs to feel in control) to guide us.     
  • If we believe that the actions, choices, or intentions of another can impose upon our journey…we are handing our seat of power over to another.
  • If we feel insecure, vulnerable, or unappreciated…the only place to heal, strengthen and empower is within!!

I do believe that we’ve been taught to feel “at the mercy of” this great big expansive world…………but this world is only a reflection of our inner most hopes, fears, beliefs, and prayers.      If any outer experience appears as less-than supportive…find the strength within to DIRECT YOUR ENERGY towards beneficial, supportive, and inspiring elements in life!!

Two nights ago I shared about my journey with the “Jackal” (My “Jackal” can only be found within!!)..and how I was directed to strengthen my own Light in order to disempower the “Jackal”.     That stayed with me all day yesterday.     And then last night my dream teachings expanded on that original message.

In my dreams last night it was very clear that there was a self-appointed group of people who made themselves appear better-than and more-sacred-than any other group of people that can be.    They coveted control, conformity, adulation, and attention.    It appeared as though all we (each other soul) wished to do, create, or accomplish…needed to be approved and condoned by this group.

So on the surface there were many guiding me to jump through their hoops and seek visible recognition.    And then…there were a few true Sacred Ones who were silent (in comparison) and would simply guide the way to MY OWN DESTINED PATH!!!!     They spoke with a gesture or a whisper….and placed my focus back within.     They reminded me to LET ALL OTHERS CHOOSE THEIR JOURNEY……no other can ever block, define, or rightfully approve my journey.    Only “I” can know what is right for me.

And as I once again disempowered the outer semblance of power….I was able to direct all of my energy towards the paths that best serve ME!!!    Slowly….custom designed support and guidance began appearing just for ME…and whispers from the higher realms began directing me forward.

I couldn’t see the “golden path” laid out yet…but I knew that this was the only path to feed MY soul and the journey that I’m on.

Never do we need to break down barriers in order to find ourSelf!!!     If we direct our energy withIN……only the open, clear, and supportive paths will appear!!!      The barriers and blocks are illusion…….and only given form when we give them power (believe in them).

So….as I sit here counting my BLESSINGS on this radiant morning….all I sense is OPPORTUNITY!!! ♥

How LOVED we are….when we focus on the Blessings and Potential that is and can be!!

In Breath-taking GRATITUDE and LOVE,



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