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True LOVE Can Never Be Lost

In this ever-changing world that surrounds us…too many of us believe that LOVE can be taken from us in one way or another.    Perhaps it is fate that intervened and shifted our whole world upside down…or perhaps it is time that allowed space to grow between two souls.    It may be that the choices and actions of each soul created a rift in the heart…or that some incomprehensible act physically removed a truly beautiful soul from our presence.

No matter the varying mode….if true LOVE filled your heart at one time…then it still does and always will!!

That Love can continuously transform and shift in it’s nature.    It can become Respect, Care, Sweet Kindness, and Gentle Brotherly/Sisterly Love………..but it still remains pure and genuine!!     

In my experience…it can not turn to “nothingness”.      If the LOVE was pure….there shall always be a spark of Light at a soul level that connects each of you.

So I question why I’m guided to share this message passionately this morning.      And I realize that it’s because I’m fully TIRED of believing that when a relationship is complete….the Love must die with it!!!      That’s what society expects after all.    They would like it to be neat and tidy.    But…..I believe that it only can be neat and tidy when the Love was not true and pure.

If the Love you’ve shared with a Friend, a Son, a Mother, or a Lover was true and pure………..they shall remain part of your precious heart each and every day!!      To clear all emotional connection because they are not physically near can only be forced and unnatural if the LOVE was once pure.

The trick is to let that LOVE morph and transform into it’s new evolutionary expression!!     If we hold onto all that it represented…without compromise…then we also allow ourselves to live in denial of what is.    And that will naturally prevent the new and beautiful wonder from flowing in!!! ♥

I have never resisted moving forward and honoring the new.    My sadness comes from believing that the past must be forgotten in the eyes of our society…because it brings up complicated emotions within the hearts of those who have denied their own similar feelings.

If we are in denial of the Love that has been….how can we be in our hearts as we move forward??      Aren’t we surely denying a precious part of ourSelves too??

My prayer is that we all become BRAVE ENOUGH TO LOVE….even if that Love transforms into alternate expressions of BEing and Light.      All true LOVE is pure and timeless……please don’t deny the power of that Love any longer!!

Be FREE TO LOVE……and honor your greatest Truth!!

True LOVE is ever-expansive….not illusive!!



4 thoughts on “True LOVE Can Never Be Lost”

  1. Alania,

    This is a beautiful message and much needed by myself and many others. Thank you for sharing in perfect timing the messages Spirit wishes us to know.

    Xoxo, Joy

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. My beautiful sister…Thank YOU!!! I needed to hear your message today too!! It has been a long night…and feeling your LOVE first thing in the morning has strengthened me. You are so treasured my friend!! ♥


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