Channeled Messages

A Time Of Truth

One day while at the park a beautiful door of Light opened directly in front of me...and this beautiful soul came through and sat directly across from me.   This is the message he shared. From Beyond The Veils Of Linear Time I Come To Speak and Tell You That It Is Not So Long Before… Continue reading A Time Of Truth

Mystical Musings

Participating With The Unhealthy

As we prepare for the New Year and the doorway of clearing that accompanies it.......I reflect upon all of the unhealthy and unserving habits, situations, and experiences "I" still actively participate with. I place emphasis upon the "I" because I am the only one with the power to step FROM these less-than loving and supportive… Continue reading Participating With The Unhealthy

Mystical Musings

A Blissfully Safe and Secure Universe

Do those simple words speak to the depths of your being today?? Can you imagine living in and creating in a blissfully SAFE and SECURE UNIVERSE each and every day?? Please................take a moment to truly sense what it would mean to accept only Blessings, Love, Joy, and Healing into your own sweet microcosm of BEing!!… Continue reading A Blissfully Safe and Secure Universe

Channeled Messages

The Grand Design

At several memorable moments through out my life...I could stand in that single moment of BEing...recognizing that all I celebrated in that particular moment was only a feint wish just a short time ago.   At no point previously did i imagine the grandness that would appear.   But...appear it DID in perfect divine time!!… Continue reading The Grand Design

Channeled Messages

All Universal LIFE Births Itself Through You

Dear Spirit............Thank YOU for your Light, your Support, your Inspiration, and your Love!!     Please share an inspiring message with each of us now. There is a spark aflame tonight.     An ancient spark of Light and of Love.     It holds the Truth of all Life...and the Key to all Mysteries.… Continue reading All Universal LIFE Births Itself Through You

Mystical Musings

Clear Vision

It's quite common for my physical sight to become a bit blurred each time I breathe deeply and open my heart to SEE from the higher realms!! I actually love to see how quickly my body is affected by that single heart-centered breath.      In that awareness SHIFTS from this 3D world of form… Continue reading Clear Vision


Seeing Deeper Into My “Fear” of Heights

Is it the Height or is it the Depth that makes my heart shiver and shake?? It's no secret to all who know me that I turn into a bundle of tightly wound nerves the moment I sense unsteady ground beneath me....and a potential fall looming near.     It's all quite irrational...and the body… Continue reading Seeing Deeper Into My “Fear” of Heights

Affirmations and Invocations

May Today Be…

May today be filled with all that is... SUNSHINE and LaUgHtEr JoY and WONDER Infinite POSSIBILITY Ground-breaking CrEaTiViTy Mind-blowing POTENTIALITY Ever-FLOWING PrOsPeRiTy LOVE ◊ LOVE ◊ LOVE MIRACLES and MaGiC SwEeT INSPIRATION Intoxicating BEAUTY BLISS-full MaNiFeStAtiOn Passionate DISCOVERY PEACE-filled AcCePtAnCe LOVE ◊ LOVE ◊ LOVE