Mystical Musings

Clear Vision

It’s quite common for my physical sight to become a bit blurred each time I breathe deeply and open my heart to SEE from the higher realms!!


I actually love to see how quickly my body is affected by that single heart-centered breath.      In that breath….my awareness SHIFTS from this 3D world of form and reason to an infinite realm of light and sensation.     And I do admit that I am sometimes partial to that infinite world of wonder.

But……over the years….as I am more at home in that higher realm of SEEing…….my physical vision is more and more altered.    I would naturally assume that age is the cause…….except that I see clear and distinct differences when I’ve clearly been journeying through the higher realms.

My physical eyesight is not consistent and it is not always a challenge.

I braved an eye doctor appointment yesterday.    My intent was to receive support for my eyes when they offer less than crystal clear vision.      And…..since my morning was filled with powerful healing sessions (and much time in the higher realms of light)….my physical vision was definitely less than crystal clear.     So….I spontaneously called the eye doctor and opened mySelf to her interpretation of what is.

Those words are so important.    “Her interpretation” of what is……… so different than mine.     I wished for gentle support…and glasses that would assist me in these altered moments.    She wished to permanently diagnose my eyes while clearly stating that it’s “impossible for eyes to improve”……and then blame the altering vision on Diabetes.     She believes that Diabetes is the only reason eyesight can shift.

I asked if she has read all of the research about healing your eyes naturally…and supporting them through exercises.     She specifically said “that is really a holistic point of view…not a medical one”.     She said the word “holistic” as if it were a dirty word.     And in truth….I might have heard “medical” as a dirty one too.  (((Smile)))

I was quite upset by it all.    I felt as though I had allowed some one to surface judge my experience without knowing or understanding me.     There was no way I was accepting her points of view.     So……….I cuddled up in bed as soon as I arrived home….and prayed that tomorrow would bring clarity.

It was about 2am that I awoke and felt only love!!     So I asked………”Please help me to see clearly”.     Here’s the response I received from Spirit:

“You know that you see the world differently dear one.    So do not be surprised when another does not see as you do.”

And suddenly I realized………………….I went in for physical support.     I asked for glasses to assist me……..and I received a prescription.     The rest that was shared was her true belief and vision.     No matter how kind she is….she can not clearly see from my point of view.     She can not comprehend that my world of infinite wonder exists.     She can not imagine the journeys I undertake without taking a physical step.

My disappointment arose because another couldn’t see me and my authenticity………..but perhaps I was also the one that couldn’t see her and her authenticity too.      For her journey……….those diagnostic beliefs are purposeful.    For me….they are limiting.    There is no right and wrong…only what is right and wrong for us.

So….here’s to CLEAR VISION and all that can possibly convey!!

In Gratitude and Ever-flowing Appreciation,


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