Channeled Messages

The Grand Design

At several memorable moments through out my life…I could stand in that single moment of BEing…recognizing that all I celebrated in that particular moment was only a feint wish just a short time ago.   At no point previously did i imagine the grandness that would appear.   But…appear it DID in perfect divine time!!

Now my days are filled with intentions and prayers to seed my future.    But i am guided to recall the younger me that had no comprehension of what a “seed” could be.   And YET…without those “seeds” the miracles still appeared…bringing me my every wish come true before I even knew that it was a possibility.
So…this morning I ponder on the GRAND DESIGN!!!    Is each step pre-ordained to bring me here and there??    Is all TRULY as it is meant to be without error and complexity???

I know the answers to these questions even as I speak!!   I’ve felt their truth flow through me…bringing me PEACE and SERENITY!!!    But then…I witness the tragedy that some must face and endure.     To find CLARITY in the cloud of confusion…is not always easy to do.

So I stand today in humble awareness…saying “SHOW ME THE GRAND DESIGN!!!”

Is ALL really exactly as it is meant to be??

Oh dear one…you are searching for answers that take eaons to comprehend.    Layers and layers of purposeful experience can be held in a SINGLE moment!!!    For each thought and action is a WAVE of its own….reaching those who would be blessed at levels known and unknown.    Its the teaching of the “Butterfly Effect” that you may have learned about.

We ARE all intertwined…in our ETERNAL experience!!    What you can see from where you stand…is but a glimpse of what IS right now!!!    What you may perceive as a tragedy…can be the moment another finds FREEDOM and STRENGTH!!    Whether it IS in the way you’d like it to take place…is beyond your hopeful and loving concern.    Do not take those experiences from those who most need them.    IT IS ALL MEANT TO BE…for reasons seen and unseen!!

What YOU can do as you witness their journeys…is to BE the reminder of HOPE and LOVE!!    In all moments radiate that LIGHT you hold withIN…and it will affect all that is open to receive!!     YOU ARE A CHANNEL FOR LIGHT MY DEAR….seen and unseen!!    Continue to BE all that you can most beautifully be!!

Free yourself and your desires from what others may need….and direct your loving energy to your OWN blossoming reality!!    What IS it that you wish to see in your own radiant world??    What do you wish to FEEL each day as you walk forward in Bliss~ful Serenity??

For what you perceive as the GRAND DESIGN is only a small fraction of what truly IS!!!    So YES…you are BLESSED and PROTECTED always and forever more!!   The miracles will continue to flow…and bring you all you most wish to see!!

But beware my dear….in the innocence that you once held…there was no fear of the GRANDEUR that could come.    So there was no resistance to the gifts that flowed.    NOW…your humility can keep you standing still in the glow of the grandeur that CAN BE!!

Before …the grandeur just appeared.   In your innocence…there was no resistance.   NOW you see the great expanse of it all….and your human sense of insignificance can hold it all at bay.

Now can you SEE the GRAND DESIGN from a greater all-encompassing perspective??

This grandeur NOW awaits you…watching for the call…from your own beautiful SOUL to be ready for it ALL!!!!     Although there is a plan in place….you are the MASTER of all you see!!

But…we must also say that to be “there” instead of “here” is no better for your unique journey!!!   IF you are HERE….it IS as it is meant to BE!!   When its time to shift…you’ll know…and your energy will flow forward…calling back to itself ALLLLLLLLLL YOU MOST WISH TO SEE!!

So BE yourself…in innocent PEACE!!!   And watch the miracles FLOW…as it is truly meant to flow!!    WE LOVE YOU DEAR ONE!!

And YES!!   We speak to many with this message!!   To ALL of our children we love so dear!!  It is YOU we speak to now!!   It is YOU we walk with now!!   It is YOU we honor and love so dear!!


Thank You Dear Spirit for trusting me completely!!   Thank you for bringing such wise thoughts and understandings through!!    I AM forever grateful and inspired in your LIGHT!!

In Joy and Bliss~ful WONDER,


Author’s Sidenote As Found Online:

What is the Butterfly Effect??

The butterfly effect is a term used to describe how small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition (also known as an initial condition) can affect large, complex systems. The term comes from the suggestion that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in South America could affect the weather in Texas, meaning that the tiniest influence on one part of a system can have a huge effect on another part. Taken more broadly, the butterflyeffect is a way of describing how, unless all factors can be accounted for, large systems like the weather remain impossible to predict with total accuracy because there are too many unknown variables to track.

6 thoughts on “The Grand Design”

    1. Happy 2013 to YOU dear sister!!! Inspiration is filling me once again….dreaming of the infinite possibilities for all we can co-create!! I am so completely HONORED to walk in FAITH and LOVE with YOU!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo


  1. Alania
    This was most beautiful and humbling. You have brought my family and I great comfort with what you have shared. I’m so grateful for your gift of the sharing of your pure and beautiful energy of love.
    I pray that the Angels and Spirit continue to support both families in the loss of Frank and Sonny.
    Peace & Love


    1. Susan…I am truly honored to be of service. Both Frank and Sonny taught me great lessons…and they will ALWAYS be in my heart!! I know that they are both at Peace and now know greater LOVE than we can ever fathom.

      I LOVE YOU!!
      In Faith and Light,


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