Mystical Musings

A Blissfully Safe and Secure Universe

Do those simple words speak to the depths of your being today??

Can you imagine living in and creating in a blissfully SAFE and SECURE UNIVERSE each and every day??

Please…………….take a moment to truly sense what it would mean to accept only Blessings, Love, Joy, and Healing into your own sweet microcosm of BEing!!

For that is the TRUTH that surrounds us now.  

Any other belief is only a perception of reality.

When this great big UNIVERSE was created by God, Source, and our own precious Hearts, no pitfalls, obstacle courses, or booby traps were placed into the design!!

It was birthed out of LIGHT, out of LOVE, and out of WONDER.

The less-than loving consequences and potentialities that we imagine and foresee are MAN-created!! They were all birthed from a state of forgetful fear and separation. They only hold validity in our personal worlds…….if we give them power.

Yet…………….. I do understand that those less-than loving ways of being, seeing, and believing have been an intricate part of our experience for a much greater length of time than we can remember. And…….those less-than loving ways of being, seeing, and believing are fostered each and every day through the news, the entertainment we choose, and the recycled tales of survival that we tell ourselves.

Are you ready to begin DIS-empowering all fear-based perceptions and accepting that LOVE flows to you in INFINITE MEASURE!?!?

This IS A Blissfully SAFE and SECURE Universe That We Live In ♥

Look for the support, the guidance, the love, and the intrinsic protection in each and every moment!!

You are safe. 
You are loved. 

© Alania Starhawk 2014

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