Mystical Musings

Participating With The Unhealthy

As we prepare for the New Year and the doorway of clearing that accompanies it…….I reflect upon all of the unhealthy and unserving habits, situations, and experiences “I” still actively participate with.

I place emphasis upon the “I” because I am the only one with the power to step FROM these less-than loving and supportive paths!!     If a person, place, object, or thought-pattern is unserving……….it’s perfectly acceptable to re-Direct our energy towards avenues of clear support!!

Without rationalization, without fanfare and in-depth preparation………it’s perfectly acceptable to re-Direct our energy towards thoughts, actions, and experiences that LIFT US HIGHER in all ways!!

In my own self-reflection this week I can sense many limiting personal habits and belief systems that I choose to free myself from in the New Year…and many empowering actions that I choose to embrace.    From this somewhat detached space of setting INTENTION for my highest good in the future…it all seems quite easy.    I am certainly the first one to declare that heart-set intentions genuinely work!!

But…………..what do we do when face-to-face with the unhealthy and unserving energies that we wish to free ourselves from??    Do we have the power to simply step away without engaging, judging, blaming, rationalizing, or proving (our stance)??     

Can “I” simply know that this energy, belief, action, person, or experience no longer serves me…………and disConnect!?!?

I know that this greater awareness can support us in countless daily decisions………….but today I also reflect upon those intricate and complicated personal relationships and experiences that hold our spirits down or back!!

Do you have one of them that affects you deeply every now and then??

I do.    When a less-than loving and inspirational family member contacted me for the holiday season….I knew to keep it neutral, positive, and a bit detached.     I knew that he had a talent for quickly turning all back to support his self-serving perceptions.    I consciously knew to let-go and step away.    Yet instead……….I found myself striving (a bit) to bring it back to a peaceful state.

I participated with the unhealthy energy………………..and “I” gave room for the explosive craziness to touch me.

Now I wonder why I couldn’t trust my instincts and simply reDirect….without needing to explain, nurture (or attempt to), validate, or prove.       Why can we not STEP AWAY without feeling guilty!?!?

Why can we not factually detect a less-than supportive experience or influence….and simply reDirect our energies to support OUR JOURNEY in a loving way???   

I currently feel “if only” about a million and one viewpoints.    But…..if i’m feeling “if only” about anything…I’m denying the Truth and Perfection that is in this moment.

It’s certainly easier to make HEALTHY decisions by honoring that which genuinely is….without ego and expectation.   So i shall bravely endeavor to do so in this beautiful New Year!!

May “I” welcome all Healthy, Inspiring, Up-Lifting, Joyous, Supportive, and Loving energies to walk with me in all moments!!

Only we can be the ones to define our experiences…and choose our reality!!


In JOY and Ever-Flowing GRATITUDE,


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