Channeled Messages

A Time of Truth

One day, while in nature, a beautiful door of Light opened directly in front of me and this beautiful soul came through and sat directly across from me. This is the message he shared.

From beyond the veils of linear time, I come to speak and tell you that it is not so long before all the changes will begin to manifest in your world. Indeed, they have already begun. But you must learn and remember that the energy you hold and nurture within, will radiate outwardly into your immediate circle and beyond.

If you wish to bring changes in big ways, to your community and your planet, it must begin within!!

This is the time of Truth. If you wish to manifest and create a world of Peace and Brotherhood, you must feel comfortable enough to walk your talk. It’s no longer enough to believe in an ideal world that will one day come to be.

You, each and every one of you, are the ones who are creating that new reality. Each day you choose, in a million different ways, whether to encourage and love, believe and nurture, or to doubt and question, fear and accuse. Each one of these tiny decisions has a ripple effect.

The cashier you blamed for not moving fast enough, could also be the same one inspired and comforted by your words. The judgment you have for another’s actions, can also be the same judgment you hold against yourself.

We must see the beauty of being human, the beauty of being imperfect.

We all learn. We all evolve. We all are the best we can authentically be. And when we release the need to be “perfect” or to be “the best”, we find peace within.

All is a choice, in this great big beautiful world. Worry not about the choices of others. Only they know what is best for themselves.

Live in your truth!!

Create the world that YOU wish to see.

Positive heart-centered choices will begin to shift your perspectives in life.

Everytime you feel that you have no power in your choice, think again. You are the only one with the power to choose!!

There is always a choice. And when made in love, those choices will clear all obstacles that might be.

You are supported in more ways than you can truly comprehend. Seen or unseen, that support is real!! It can assist you to manifest all you choose.

Don’t limit yourself by feeling inferior to anyone or anything. All universal source celebrates the WONDER that is you!!


© Alania Starhawk 2014

8 thoughts on “A Time of Truth”

    1. Thank You Beautiful!! Of course this connects to you. You are already living it’s TRUTH in all you do!! We are SoulSisters!! Thank you for sharing your Light and your Support!! ♥

  1. That was just why I neede to validate what I’ve been hearing. Live in love and we create our world it’s our thoughts. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you beautiful Liza!! I love that we are each receiving similar messages simultaneously across the globe. Our spirits are all awakening to ONE universal truth!! ♥ Blessings to you my sister!!

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