Mystical Musings

Reconsidering What Being “Selfish” Truly Means

We often have an ever-growing list of tasks, obligations, and social commitments calling to us.     But what if we were Brave enough (yes, it takes bravery) to LIVE for ourSelf each day!?!? I'm not promoting any selfish tendencies here.    But I am reconsidering what being "selfish" truly means.    We have accepted… Continue reading Reconsidering What Being “Selfish” Truly Means

Mystical Musings

Naturally Whole…and Healthy

How often do we see ourselves as a work in progress??   We silently believe that we'll exercise more, eat more nutritionally, bring greater physical, emotional, and mental healing to our lives, welcome in greater support and prosperity, and one day soon find the Peace we've been craving!! In other words....we silently believe that tomorrow… Continue reading Naturally Whole…and Healthy

Channeled Messages

Dear Spirit…What Is A “Veil”??

Dear Spirit...What Is A "Veil"?? A STATE OF AWARENESS!! As you are able to embrace a new vibration, frequency of truth, and experience as your have lifted a "veil" of separation.    The experience of separation (from that perspective) is no longer necessary for you to feel comfortable and at home in your Self!! ♥… Continue reading Dear Spirit…What Is A “Veil”??

Affirmations and Invocations

Energize Your Experiences!!

Whether you are reading an intriguing book today, baking cookies for a loved one, leading a league of young ones to think outside the box, or bravely mountain hiking through the Andes.....................I encourage you to ENERGIZE YOUR EXPERIENCES!! ♥ Be Present Know that this moment is precious and is exactly where you wish to be Be… Continue reading Energize Your Experiences!!

Channeled Messages

An Authentic Reflection

As I continue to contemplate the ups and downs I witness in myself and in others.........Spirit brings me this message of Awareness on this bright and blissful morn. Dear Spirit....Please remind me in this moment of that which I neglect to see. That you can not SEE the impact you make on those you… Continue reading An Authentic Reflection

Mystical Musings

An Intuitive’s Quandary

Every intuitive soul can tell you that they often sense a greater Truth beneath the surface that is presented.     Sometimes that greater Truth reveals the sweet care and love that another is unable to express.     And sometimes that greater Truth suggests that there is an underlying disrespect or misunderstanding settling in… Continue reading An Intuitive’s Quandary

Mystical Musings

Siva and Shakti Incarnate

"The Goddess in her would not be denied this experience of incarnation: the loving for which they had taken human form." ~ The Siva Purana Surely the Goddess in me is calling to the power-filled One who embodies my Breath, my Heart, and my Light in masculine form!!     From the same source of… Continue reading Siva and Shakti Incarnate

Spirit Teachings

A Message of Love from The Crystal Realm

Dear brothers and sisters of The Crystal Realm of Light...speak to me!!   Share your truth!!   Please share a message of LOVE that will support our journey!! You can't yet imagine that which we genuinely bring to each of you!!    We are much more a part of your earth realm than you see… Continue reading A Message of Love from The Crystal Realm

Mystical Musings

Know thySelf ♥

In this great big menagerie of opportunity and's so incredibly vital to first Know thySelf before entwining our energy with another!! You see.....if we allow ourselves to stand in authenticity......then we have a clear vision of who we are, what makes us thrive, what brings us peace, and what naturally feeds us energetically. With… Continue reading Know thySelf ♥