Channeled Messages

How The Veil of Separation Was Created Upon Planet Earth

Dear Spirit, my heart is pure and ready to receive. Who wishes to communicate with me today?? Who wishes to stand with me and remind me of my greatest truth??

Who wishes?? We all do!! For you to perceive only ONE soul connecting with you, is the illusion of 3rd dimensional reality. In truth, our energies merge as a united force of LOVE eternal, to communicate with you, lovingly. We see you dropping the veils of limitation, even now, today, praying for a greater truth to reveal itself.

So, here we are, breaking through all veils of limitation WITH you. We are one!! Our lights flow brilliantly as one single cascade of radiant life.

Please remind me of an ancient truth. I seek to see all that is here to see

Come dear one. Sit with us and hear our tale.

There was a time when WE (Angels and Guardians) walked the earth WITH you. When our Light selves were honored and respected for the roles we played in your tale of free will. But, those who felt intimidated by our light, told tales of their own (lies and mistruths) to disempower the roles we played.

In truth, you know that those tales can NOT shift and change WHO we are. But IF others embrace that truth as their own, then “in their eyes” we become that truth. We no longer were able to be of service in the same way. We were not welcome by the masses any longer.

So, without leaving or shifting WHO we are, we relocated our energies to a higher dimension. One that exists beyond the veil of separation. Those with pure heart and faith still knew our presence and felt our love. And those who were not able to trust their own precious heart, lost faith in the world and all that surrounds them.

All were given the gift of divine light and presence. But because some were not comfortable in trusting such beauty, they learned to deny that beauty in all they found, including themselves. The seed of insecurity and distrust was planted, and the art of separation was in full-play.

No longer did they see and feel support around them. They felt only the need to protect themselves against those who were untrue, even if those insecurities were illusion.

Those seeds of fear and distrust are still rooted in many belief systems, causing us to deny the gifts of divine beauty that come to us.

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

Sidenote:   While channeling this message I became incredibly sleepy (in the middle of a bright day). The energy was over-whelming. And although I believe all that was important was clearly relayed, I wasn’t able to close the channeling neatly. Use your own insights to sense the completion of this tale. Your soul already understands more than you recognize.

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