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Angels of Justice

It’s been quite a few years now…since I heard the powerful urging “Call on the Angels of Justice!!” reverberating through my being.

The first time was in a moment of challenge and desperation for a dear friend.    She had found herself in a situation that held false blame against her and deep disrespect for the integrity-filled energy she had always shared.     And before she had described the full situation to me through the tears and the fear…I heard the powerful knowing beat like thunderous truth “Call on the Angels of Justice!!”

I didn’t channel words of wisdom in that call.    I didn’t find a plethora of comforting thoughts to surround her with.    I stood strong and unbending…and conveyed her simple message with confident knowing that all would somehow find balance and harmony…even in the midst of this turmoil!!

And SO…it was less than an hour later when I received the calmer call to notify me of the harmony that had been found.    Miraculously…in the midst of ill-intended darts and arrows that were slung…TRUTH CAME TO THE SURFACE and fully cleared her of the wrongful blame.    Apologies began flowing…instead of hurtful complaints.

From that point forward…her journey is not ours to share (even though it most certainly is a tale of empowerment).    What we can now discuss is the marvel and wonder of the ANGELS of JUSTICE!! ♥

Since then…I have shared that loving advice over and over.   “Call on the Angels of Justice!!”    And over and over…they have brought TRUTH to the surface and ushered BLESSINGS into a situation that was previously filled with chaos and/or unworthiness.    They brought harmony though out the greater aspects of knowing…and peace within the hearts of those invoking this prayer.

The Angels of Justice represented the power of SUPPORT and LOVE in moments of perceived helplessness and despair.

BUT…they tell me “We are not just for the grand and perilous situations.   We can help you to manifest great PEACE in all areas of your life!!   We are here to assist and co-create with you in all ways.”

In fact…to understand them more fully…let me share my very first conversation that I had with them.    Read it as though they are speaking directly to you!!   If you are here now…their message is most certainly for you!!

Dear Angels of Justice…Thank you for all that you have shared!!    Can you please speak to me now??    Please help me to see you and sense your purpose with each of us??  

There is never a moment in time that you are without our assistance and our love.    To call out our name is not necessary.     And yet…to call on us specifically…awakens an energy of Justice that flows through the ethers and becomes alive and real for you.    This energy naturally flows through you and all that is…in all moments!!    It is pure…and it is clear!!

To call on our assistance and support…marks a moment in which you are ready and prepared to see yourself in great Light…and with great Power!! 

You are never on your journey alone.    We shall always work together with you…to welcome a vibration of compassionate LOVE and HARMONY in to your life and intended situation.    

The clarity of words are not fully needed.    The moment you call our name…we connect directly to your heart.   We see what is felt deep within…and we clearly see where our assistance is needed most.     

From that moment on…keep your focus on the truth of seeings LIGHT infiltrate the entire situation!!    That is your only focus!!   Do not worry about how Justice comes about.    Just know that once we are called…in a blink of an eye…ALL IS TRANSFORMED!!   

Do not concern yourself with the process.    Just follow your heart without judgment…and know that we will guide you in all moments.   Trust in yourself…and all you do!!   You are not alone!!

Thank YOU!!   Can you please tell me what types of situations you are here to assist with??

To censor a situation of not being worthy of our Love…is to not know Love.   When you desire our assistance…WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!!   Call on us as you feel guided to.    You can do no wrong.   You are all children of God and of Love.    There is no fault in your heart…only the desire to be Loved!!    Open your hearts…call on our assistance…and accept our Love.   For our LOVE can heal much more than you see!!

Thank YOU!!   Is there any other message of love or guidance you wish to relay??

Today…in each of your hearts…lays an untapped font of infinite POTENTIAL and POWER!!    Within your own sacred hearts…hear and now…lies the ability to TRANSFORM YOUR OWN REALITY toooooo!!!     When calling on our Light and our Love….you are reminded that options and solutions exist beyond that which you once perceived.     But these wondrous solutions need not come from outside of your radiant being!!    Your prayer and your call for compassionate Justice, Peace, and Harmony is enough to put all in motion!!    When you will it….so it will be!!    The universe can not work in opposition to that which you believe is probable or possible.   It can not!!     Truly BELIEVE in the wonder and outcome that you are worthy of…and so it will naturally be!!

Blessings to each of you on your brave and beautiful journeys!!   

Ahhhhhhh….Angels of Justice…you spark that remembrance within my being!!    You remind me that this universe has infinite solutions and outcomes to support my journey in the manner that best represents MY personal beliefs and requests.     I am never alone!!    I AM Loved, Blessed, and Supported in all moments!!   Thank YOU for this awakened truth and guidance!!   I Love You!!

And I love each of my blogging brothers and sisters tooooo!!    May this message bring you comfort and strength to walk bravely on your path.    For you are always protected and loved…and the miracles are just waiting to reveal themselves for you!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Gratitude,



photo credit: Daniel B. Holeman

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