Channeled Messages

Lightworkers Bring Real Change To This Earth Realm

The Solfeggio Frequency was a perfect backdrop for the meditative exercise we blissfully sunk into last night during our first Conscious Awakening Meetup of the new year.     We shifted our awareness to that of spiritual sight….and welcomed a message from our Spirit Guides and Guardians.

On my journey into the spirit realm…I welcomed a message for the group.    And now I know that this message was truly intended for the greater group (you, I, and every other heart-centered soul).

The moment I asked “Who wishes to share a message with the group??”….countless Beings of Pure White Light presented themselves as they floated in effortless grace.    They each grasped the hands of another….creating a great Circle of Light that lifted and expanded to powerfully encompass Planet Earth completely.   

Their Light began to radiate and flow in to the earth realm…bringing the GIFT of Peace, Love and Transformation to all who would be blessed. ♥

They then spoke with power in their voice and reminded me that we (humanity) are beginning to believe that we have the power and right to choose our own destiny and experience…but we are still seeing our efforts as arduous and challenging!!

They clearly said that we don’t recognize how much SUPPORT and LIGHT now infuses the earth realm.    There is greater DIVINE GUIDANCE and Angelic Presence than ever before!!!!

Each day welcomes a greater influx of this support…..because each day our PRAYERS continue to grow!!

So let me explain!!      They said that the only reason they now have the power to encompass our earth and radiate in such force………is because WE INVITED THEM!!

Each Lightworker (those holding a prayer of Peace, Love, and Light in their hearts) is naturally speaking for the collective of HUMANITY.       They (you and I) naturally represent the Human Collective Heart…………….and silently affect CHANGE in the real world we wish to know!!

If a single Lightworker only held a Prayer for Peace in their heart….and never verbalized a word……………their prayer would still speak for the Human Collective Heart!!       And………………………as more and more Lightworkers are waking up each day………….these prayers are growing at immeasurable rates.     

Our collective prayers have told the heavenly realms that WE WELCOME UNIVERSAL SUPPORT on our earth plane!!!

And so it is!! ♥

And now it’s time to recognize that our efforts need not be as arduous and challenging as they were last year, last month, or last week.     We must begin to look at life, love, and creation as GRACE-filled and effortless!!

Never before have we been this empowered within the 3d reality!!

We….as Lightworkers….are changing the 3d Paradigm and all that is genuinely possible within its frequency!!

So…………………….honor your precious voice!!     Keep the prayers in motion!!     And let’s envision a REAL WORLD of Peace, Love, and Joy for all to know.

Thank YOU to every bright BEing of Light that supports our beautiful journey!!    

We Love You!!! ♥

In JOY and Ever-expansive Gratitude,


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