Mystical Musings

Honoring All Unique Expressions…Without Judgment

How can we know the flavors of life, if we don’t allow ourselves discernment and choice in each moment??

If sublimely blackened swordfish were mixed with jelly beans, fried eggs, ravioli, and barbecue ribs on any single plate, would we know the JOY of any one delicacy??

To say that I choose onion rings today, does not mean that I am not a connoisseur of caviar. But in order to savor and appreciate my caviar, it would be wise to save all onion rings, marshmallows, and enchiladas for another meal.

Can you see that CHOICE is different than Judgment??

I can fully Honor and Appreciate all expressions in this beautiful life…………………..without dancing with them all on my journey!!

We are an extension of each other. An extension of the same light reflecting in different ways!!

 ~ Brother Buddha

As we each ponder what ONE LIGHT means to us………I am guided to recognize that we all hold the same Potential within our greater Selves. We all hold the ability to be selfish or kind in each moment. We have the right to choose lack consciousness or prosperity consciousness upon our individual journey. But………………….how do we give ourselves the space and room to expand into all unique expressions of being, if we believe that physical variation, to discover and explore these unique expressions, is equal to “separation” in some way.

Separation is only illusion.

In order for a soul to explore the sensations of victimhood…..they must surround themselves with those who are comfortable with that expression. It does not mean that they do not have the power to shift their CHOICE of expression in any and all moments. The moment they are ready to step free from that expression, they will naturally call alternate vibrations of Light into their journey.

If we can allow ourselves to HONOR all unique expressions without Judgment, wouldn’t it be easier for a soul who wishes to explore Self-Empowerment to walk a seemingly separate path than the soul who chooses Victimhood.

When and if they each wish to challenge their current beliefs, they can powerfully support each others expression as they dance together as one. But, if one wishes to reach the top of the mountain in accomplishment, they can not remain physically linked to one who wishes to meander freely down below.

Holding the hand of every soul you meet is not necessary in order to genuinely honor them upon their journey.

We are stepping into a day where placing Judgment for any IDEAL way to be………….is limiting!!

Life is meant to hold every expression of BEing, SEEing, and KNOWing.

What do YOU choose for yourSelf today!?!?

There is no right or wrong.

YOU ARE FREE…………….to BE all you choose!!

We are always ONE………..and can never BE anything less!!

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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