Mystical Musings

Creating A Pristine “Seat” of Power

Can we assume that we have the right to direct another’s journey……..if our own backyard is filled with the skeletons of indifference and carelessness??

If the power we wished to wield were directed through a compromised point of power……would the pure potential held within that power still be pure??

No matter the integrity of our intentions…………..if we can not incorporate our well-meaning intentions into ourSelf, our personal community, family, or environment first………..we have NO right to assume that we are an authority on any other matter!!

In this ever-complicated society of structured authority…………………….it has become oh-so-easy to validate our authority by directing another.      How often do we look into the mirror of INTEGRITY……and come out shining??

Hold on.  Let me pause for a minute and include you in on my train of thought.

On my road trip from New York to Florida two weeks ago…….I defied the guidance of my GPS.    It wished for me to get off of I-95 so that I may eventually return to I-95 at some later point.     That made no sense to me.    So….I allowed it to “re-calculate” quite a few times before I surrendered.     I suddenly found myself on “a” somewhat major road that was strewn with make-shift cardboard homes for the homeless, tall abandoned buildings, and filth in all directions.

The fire within my spirit was aflame!!     I was appalled that “any” city could turn a blind eye to this sense of need and desperation.     It truly HURT my soul that we allowed this to take place.

And then……….I made a left-hand turn onto the highway suggested by my GPS.     I was in Washington D.C.!!!

To the right (less than a mile and a half from that point of severe poverty and hopelessness) was Capitol Hill and the Pentagon!!


How can this be??

This is the “seat” of power for the entire United States….and strategic points throughout the globe.     How can we shape any community, society, or civilization from a physical point that can not see into the HEART of Humanity??

My disappointment was not in any political organization or institution!!    My disappointment was in the INDIVIDUAL SOULS who witness this injustice, hold the power to make a difference, and then choose to embrace “indifference and carelessness” each day.

I wished to genuinely blog-it-out right then and there………and let my deeply charged emotions flow.      But………………i recognized that I had no right to “assume” my authority as pristine either. ♥

This dramatic wake-up call made me realize that too many of us tend to compromise our integrity on the homefront……..but still direct our energy outward with authority.

So who am I to judge that which I am not part of??   I only have direct power and authority over mySelf …..and my choices.     

I shall do my best to SEE how “I” can authentically stand with integrity in my own arena of experience…..and PRAY that I’m placing a vibration of self-realization and empowerment into the collective consciousness that’s in play.

Perhaps by taking responsibility for that which “I” do have authority to impact………….I’ll be shifting energy in Washington D.C. and across the globe.    

Blaming others and building a fire of judgment within surely can’t bring healing to that which is out-of-balance on a grand scale.      I shall keep prayers in motion to AWAKEN THE HEARTS of all who hold the power to affect change (including myself)……..and envision a world filled with RESPECT for all mankind.

Humanity is at a cross-roads.    Perhaps my prayers for true PEACE is the first step towards “creating a pristine seat of power” in our world.

My heart still aches for what i witnessed….but I don’t have a better solution for this moment.

If you see it differently…..INSPIRE ME!!!    I’m open to see from all perspectives….and trust that I’m not the only one challenging the “indifference” that’s in play.

My BLESSINGS to each of you on your precious journey!! ♥

In GRATITUDE and Faith,



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