Affirmations and Invocations

I Consciously Choose….

With an open and passionate heart I call out to every Master of Light who walks with me!!

I call out to every Guardian of Light who accompanies me on this journey!!


Stand strong with me now as I consciously choose to lovingly CREATE my reality!!

  • I welcome BLESSINGS in every unfathomable expression to shower upon me today and all days.
  • May my HEART grow and expand til it blissfully unites with the heart-beat of all precious Life that can be.
  • I accept, honor, and embrace SACRED LOVE in all ways.
  • As I look into the great chasm of infinity……….I discover mySELF and all I have yet to imagine and be.
  • I AM fully Awake, Alive, and emPowered upon my journey.
  • Sweet JOY flows effortlessly through me.
  • I recognize and appreciate the intrinsic BEAUTY of each soul I meet.
  • Opportunities easily find me……because I AM ready to accept each offer gratefully.
  • I bow down to the UNIVERSAL ENERGIES of Light….knowing that I simultaneously bow down to the WONDER I AM.
  • All moments are SACRED….and hold PURPOSE in this great tapestry.
  • I bathe in the river of INFINITE FLOW….welcoming Prosperity in all its miraculous forms.
  • I AM ME

And so it is!!

Namaste’ ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015


photo credit: Daniel B. Holeman

3 thoughts on “I Consciously Choose….”

  1. I really love this! It’s hard to express enough how much I’ve been focused on this to realize I am responsible for everything and that to place blame anywhere, is to “throw away” our Divine-Power & play victim. Thank you so much for this amazing inspiration =D, Namaste!


      1. I’m so happy to be reading this, & as always during this Eternal-Glorious Moment! =D!! As I know you will, please keep spreading your beautiful Love & inspiration and I will continue to follow and keep in touch; your kindness is felt throughout the Universe and I couldn’t thank you enough! =].
        Namaste’ my Light-filled friend

        Liked by 1 person

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