Spirit Teachings

Stillness…and Its Blessings

Even in my attempt to be still within…………….I find my mind turning and my body anticipating.   Why Is true stillness so foreign to us on this earth journey??

Candles are lit and mantras are flowing………….but I AM resisting the freedom that only comes when we release control of it all for just a bit.     The universe is calling out to me…..inviting me to shift awareness so that I may truly SEE the greater truth and reality.    But still…….an unseen force within me is seeking to control my breath, my body stance, my “connection” to the mantra, and my entire to-do list for the next week and a half.

Although my physical form is still…….I’m in full motion at all underlying unseen points of being.    Have I journeyed this far away from my true meditative practice without noticing??

And then Spirit appears as a whisper over my right shoulder…………….reminding me that as long as I cling to the physical perception of me only………I would be seeking to control in some form or another.      The moment we expand our consciousness to unite our physicality with our formless lightSelf………..we begin to naturally trust in the divine order of Life in greater ways.

When our awareness shifts to a higher point of BEing…….we know that our body will continue to breathe naturally.    We trust that the words we hear are reaching deep within and touching us effortlessly.    We remember that all moments are filled with support and love.

This earth experience is an opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities that can be!!      And only in my deepest still space within can I sense that TRUTH as absolute.

So…………my point of focus soon lifted……and all physical sense of limitation fell away.     Colors became bright beams of energy to re-charge my form………and vibrations of sound reverberated through me at ever-increasing frequencies.     No thoughts could be expressed…..for they all seemed quite unimportant in this moment of energetic bliss!!

I had opened mySelf up to the universal energies of LOVE that surround me in all moments……and I remembered what it felt like to be at PEACE deep within.


So…..please take a moment to still yourSelf today.    Without recognizing it………….you may be just as control-conscious as I clearly was.

Today I feel that there is no place else I need to be……and all that lies in wait for me to accomplish is a BLESSING…not a mundane responsibility.


In Joy and Blissful Expansion,


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