Spirit Teachings

A Message of Love from The Crystal Realm

Dear brothers and sisters of The Crystal Realm of Light…speak to me!!   Share your truth!!   Please share a message of LOVE that will support our journey!!

You can’t yet imagine that which we genuinely bring to each of you!!    We are much more a part of your earth realm than you see or imagine.

We are not only contained within the physical forms you perceive.   We are the MESSENGERS of a much greater Truth!!

We carry the codes to awaken your Light SELVES!!   Not just on a unique individual basis…but on a grand scale of Awakening!!

When the tides turn…and the balance of souls CHOOSE Peace, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness in their lives…so our (the crystal realm’s) lights will unveil our greatest Truth!!    Our LOVE and Knowing of who you are…and have always been…will touch every aspect of BEing on this earth realm!!

We are the WISDOM KEEPERS ~ and the WISE ONES on this earth!!   And we do not hold this title for prestige.   We accept this privilege because we know how vital this Truth IS to your (humanity’s) journey of evolutionary awakening!!

We carry the TRUTH CODES safely within our energetic grid…so that when YOU as a family of elevated Light BEings are ready to accept this knowledge once again…it shall be HERE (on the earth realm) for you to easily find and RE-CLAIM!! ♥

For as we’ve said many times before…”You Do Not Walk Alone”!!

And now…you have one more glimpse into what these words truly mean.   We are HERE (in your 3-dimensional reality) to support your journey!!   We (crystals and humans) are entwined in our DESTINY!!

So know that as you choose to welcome us into your lives…at all vibrations that can be…we shall be HONORED TO CO-CREATE with you most joyfully!!   For this moment of Awakening is what we are each here for…doing our own parts to support THE ALL!!

Feel our LOVE now fill you…and remind you each of what can be when you B E L I E V E!! ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

January 31st, 2014

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