Mystical Musings

An Intuitive’s Quandary

Every intuitive soul can tell you that they often sense a greater Truth beneath the surface that is presented.     Sometimes that greater Truth reveals the sweet care and love that another is unable to express.     And sometimes that greater Truth suggests that there is an underlying disrespect or misunderstanding settling in the mind of those they face.

So…’s the quandary.    Do we, as the intuitive, respond to that which is presented on the surface??    Or do we trust our instincts regardless of whether they are validated in the physical (as of yet)??

It’s an easy choice to make when we are not emotionally connected to the underlying Truths we detect.    But it can also play havoc within our psyche when we are guided to trust and accept our own instincts above the proposed Truth of another.

If we respond to the Truth we sense…….our reaction can appear cold, selfish, and out of place.    But if we respond to that which is presented on the surface….we allow ourselves to participate in an empty exchange of shallow energy.    And if we no longer walk with integrity………we’ve compromised our own sense of BEing.

I’ve danced this dance before…..and have chosen to trust my instincts simply because I can’t not.    I’m aware of the chaos that ensues when I disregard my intuitive points of view.  (((Smile)))

I currently find myself facing two separate souls that I honor and care for.    One precious soul is in denial of the impersonal energy that has too commonly become the norm……and one can’t seem to see (even momentarily) from my perspective no matter how clearly I seek to express myself.

I’ve spent tooooooo much time discerning how to respond to each one.    I’m beginning to think that it’s not their choices that I’m questioning…………….but that of my own!!

It’s not only important for an intuitive to sense clearly and true.    It’s also important to TRUST our instincts without doubt of it all.     My heart is absolutely Pure!!    I wish to see the best in each soul!!     Seeing Truth (even varying Truth from my own) is not inherently better or worse.    It just is.    Acceptance of what genuinely is will allow me to redirect my energy productively….and feed a world of expanding possibility!!

Perhaps my quandary isn’t in how to choose, react, and respond.  It’s in being OK with how I choose, react, and respond!!

It seems that we return once again to the wise addage “know thyself”.    With that personal stance…all will naturally and harmoniously flow.

In Gratitude and FAITH,


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