Channeled Messages

An Authentic Reflection

As I continue to contemplate the ups and downs I witness in myself and in others………Spirit brings me this message of Awareness on this bright and blissful morn.

Dear Spirit….Please remind me in this moment of that which I neglect to see.

That you can not SEE the impact you make on those you meet….is quite funny.

You offer them each an opportunity to see themselves most genuinely!!    You pull no punches and hold back no authenticity.   As you see it… you react (as lovingly as can be).

That’s the ebb and flow of Life my dear.    

It’s the Gift of Living Authentically!!

If only the tide flowed in….how uncomfortable would each soul be??

A balance of give and take, inspiration and contemplation, must be had….to forge a foundation of Truth and non-judgmental Acceptance within yourSelf and all that surrounds you.    

This world isn’t filled with only lollipops and roses.    And still…does that make it any less perfect and complete??

Accept the Gift of Awareness my dear…and continue to SEED Light into all you touch.    But release the need to mold all into any “ideal” state of BEing.

Who are you to direct their journey??   The conflict can only be found…when you struggle with accepting all that naturally is.

Reflect…my dear.   Do not direct that which is not yours to direct. ♥

Be at Peace…knowing that your reflection is pure and clear.    If another chooses to see themselves with awareness too…you are offering them an opportunity to do so in your unique gift of authentic Truth.

This is all taking place on subtle energy fields of exchange.    You need not recognize all that is….for it to be.   Trust that your BEing the Light that you naturally are… offer opportunities to shift and expand.

Be at PeAcE!!   All is perfectly aligned for each soul’s perfect journey!!

How my world does shift with the gift of Divine Awareness and Grace!!   Thank you beautiful Spirit…for your support and your Love.     I am forever Blessed by each message of love you generously share.

In JOY and Ever-expansive Wonder,


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