Naturally Whole…and Healthy

How often do we see ourselves as a work in progress??   We silently believe that we’ll exercise more, eat more nutritionally, bring greater physical, emotional, and mental healing to our lives, welcome in greater support and prosperity, and one day soon find the Peace we’ve been craving!!

In other words….we silently believe that tomorrow will be a whole lot better than today.  (((Smile)))

But what if we began each day with a prayer to genuinely remember how Whole, Blessed, and Healthy we are RIGHT NOW?!?!

This is my goal and intention for these next 7 days!!

Each morning I will still myself long enough to whole-heartedly welcome DIVINE LIGHT and SACRED REMEMBRANCE to fill my beautiful BEing!!     I will call on every Master of Light, Ancient Guardian, and Radiant Loved One to stand with me and ignite my BODY and SOUL to reMember the true brilliance of all I AM!!

You see………..I suddenly sense that some (I’m not admitting how much) of my energy each day is directed towards fixing mySelf in one way or another.    It’s not intentional.   It’s quite patterned and habitual.     So………instead of seeking to fix my insatiable desire to fix……….I thought I might simply REMEMBER that there isn’t anything to fix!!!!

If I stand strong in mySelf………and welcome PURE LOVE into my BEing each day…………………..I believe that all sense of imperfection shall become obsolete and fall away!!     

In the Light of Love…………..I AM COMPLETE, WHOLE, and HEALTHY!!!! ♥

I’ll keep you updated on my journey.   And if you choose to accept this challenge as well….then I encourage you to share your experience with those you love.

In Faith and Expansive Wonder,


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  1. This is the root suffering. You are not good enough…others are not good enough. So to ‘fix everything’ you cannot be in the present. A whole of pain. Gratitude is freeing.

    1. Gratitude is absolutely freeing!! It opens our heart to SEE all from greater perspectives of Truth!! ❤ Thank you for sharing my beautiful sister!!!

  2. Thank you — Inspiring — and most welcome for me right now. Blessings, Alia

    1. It makes me so happy to know that we’re all stepping forward into a greater space of inner PEACE!!!! Thank you for your kind words my friend.

  3. acudoc08 says:

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are wonderful!!!!!! Your passion is clear….and INSPIRING!!!! Thank YOU!! ♥

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