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Reconsidering What Being “Selfish” Truly Means

We often have an ever-growing list of tasks, obligations, and social commitments calling to us. But what if we were brave enough (yes, it takes bravery) to LIVE for ourSelf each day!?!?

I’m not promoting any selfish tendencies here. But I am reconsidering what being “selfish” truly means. We have accepted all “selfish” values to carry negative connotations, as if to be “selfish” implies that we are jeopardizing another’s well-being.

What if we are all infinitely blessed and inspired by the same beautiful potential that “selfishness” brings. Would being selfish simply denote that we were “honoring” our truest SELF today!?!?

I’ve watched my thoughts and actions over the last few days. More than a few times, I attempted to hold my self accountable for what I believed my time needed to be used for. I found myself making choices in my head-space (according to what I believed “should” be), rather than my heart-space. But I began to stand in awareness and to recognize that my body was guiding me in a natural flow.

When I began to listen for my body’s guidance, I could sense when it was best for me to defy self-imposed expectations and when it was right for me to surrender to the beautiful free-flowing moment in front of me.

This was a consistent pattern over these last few days. I would start in my head, then I would move to my heart. And in response, the WORLD around me would open up to joyfully co-create with me.

The moment I shifted to a heart-centered perspective, an outside force revealed itself to MIRROR the Light I chose to embrace within!!

So I fell asleep with a Prayer of GRATITUDE last night………………….and was gifted with a vision of reMembrance that lasted through-out the night.

In my dream state, I physically found a treasured part of my Self. This treasured part of my Self was a physical ball of LIGHT that  I held and nurtured. I literally placed it down on the bed beside me, in dream state, so that I could go into a deeper sleep.

When I physically woke up to shift my body in bed, I looked for that ball of Light so that I would not harm it. I suddenly knew that this LIGHT was not truly outside of mySelf!!

By making choices to Honor my sweet spirit and to Listen to my beautiful body…..I found mySELF!!! ♥

Suddenly I knew………………….these people, places, and things that we naturally interact with…………..are not supposed to BE our source of any thing in this great big beautiful world!!!!

For if we don’t walk onto each dance floor excited to be there…………..then we are only going through some life-less motions to honor a perceived responsibility over the voice of our heart.

LOVE YOURSELF TODAY…………because you’re simply worthy of that Love!!!!!!

And then – SHARE THAT LOVE – with every person, place, and experience that calls out to you.

Together, we are planting the seeds for a whole new empowered way of being.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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