Prayers For Those We Love

Our prayers make a difference!! We may not always have the magic words to "make it all better".    But our single prayer to surround those we love in waves of Peace, Truth, and Love does make a difference!! These heart-felt prayers bring comfort to those we cherish as they navigate through their own soul's journey.  … Continue reading Prayers For Those We Love


Remaining Open and Receptive To All Expressions of Love

As deeply as you wish to Love passionately.....can you also sense that you may be resisting the very Love you pray for?? Today I'm speaking of the sweet and beautiful Love that flows through all potential moments, experiences, and relationships!!   This Love is beyond any single description or definition.    It simply is that… Continue reading Remaining Open and Receptive To All Expressions of Love

Spirit Teachings

Birthing Our Physical Reality Through Spiritual BEingness!!

Do you hold a belief that our physical Selves are limited by the structured form they hold?? It's quite easy to see our physical bodies and realities as broken, weak, and inferior in this society that continuously focuses on pain and disease. But.....what if I told you that the pain and disease we perceive is… Continue reading Birthing Our Physical Reality Through Spiritual BEingness!!


Faith Is Believing…..

Faith is believing in the unseen without questioning its validity!! Whether you're learning to Trust in the power of your own sacred heart, the love that surrounds you each day, the prosperity that flows to you endlessly, or the untapped potential that lies within................have FAITH that this Life is so much more than you can… Continue reading Faith Is Believing…..


Honoring The Gift of YOU

Today I stand in the Light and Joy of immeasurable and incomprehensible LOVE for you!! To every bright soul who has seen me, danced with me, journeyed with me, honored me, inspired me, taught me, laughed with me, and cried with me...............I LOVE YOU!!!! ♥ My heart is over-flowing with GRATITUDE for the Blessing of Breathing,… Continue reading Honoring The Gift of YOU


Standing In Awe of God’s Divine Light

Let me begin by clearly stating that to me........God is that force of inexpressable incomprehensible LOVE that births all, sustains all, and empowers all.     Beyond any single identity....God is The Infinite ALL!!       Only Love can be known in his Light.    Judgment and punishment are not even a possibility!! I… Continue reading Standing In Awe of God’s Divine Light


Choosing A Path of Grace and Ease

No single Yes or No can be solely responsible for where we find ourselves now!!     Where we are is a reflection of all the choices and decisions we've made along the way.    Each single step has added to the story of our unique and individual journey. If we happen to find ourselves… Continue reading Choosing A Path of Grace and Ease

Affirmations and Invocations

For A Moment or A Lifetime…

For a moment or a lifetime.......I welcome ALL wonder-filled opportunities, experiences, and relationships that are Genuine and Pure!!    I release from all expectations and outcomes...trusting that only Sacred Light, Truth, and Wisdom can dance with me.    I AM the great expanse of infinite inexpressible LOVE personified!! And so it is!! ♥ © Alania Starhawk… Continue reading For A Moment or A Lifetime…

Channeled Messages

A Candle Burning Bright

“There’s a candle burning bright tonight.   It’s the candle of your heart.   It speaks of truth and joy, gratitude and love.   We feel it…and we know that all you feel now…is only a mere seed of what will soon be.   The flame you hold within has potential to light the night…and bring awareness, joy and… Continue reading A Candle Burning Bright