Spirit Teachings

Seeing Humanity As Pristine

I’ll admit that I don’t always have an easy time with this truth.    As much as I know that we are each perfect as we are, we each are innocence manifest (seeking to explore and discover our intricate complexities), and we each hold limitless potential to create our own reality……………I struggle to see the pristine and virtuous side of Humanity too.

It seems that I sometimes cry for humanity as much as I celebrate it.     And that serves no one in the greater scheme of it all.

Last monday I had an incredible Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session with a bright beautiful spirit who is perfectly named Shakti!!!     In our session…my first intense and passionate vision was of myself clutching the great big gash and wound in my abdomen.     I was collapsed against a pile of debris…….and could look around to see devastation and destruction everywhere.    Neighbor fighting neighbor, blood flowing like a river down the crevices of the cobble stoned road, and the sound of endless chaos booming in my ear.    

I had incarnated into the French Revolution…and sat here as a 22 year old boy who tried incessantly to be a voice of Peace and Clarity in a society that was setting itself to inevitably implode.    I felt alone and unseen on that unsuccessful journey.   I could scan through those 22 years and see that I was quietly dismissed and disregarded as a purposeful entity in that society.   Even in death….I stood on the sidelines, was hit by shrapnel of a nearby explosion, and died alone and unseen on a pile of debris.    

I felt no pain or loss for myself.    I felt the pain of witnessing humanity choosing self-righteous devastation over compassionate creation.   I know that pain….I still feel it too often in this incarnation as well.     

But……..I’m seeking to shift the shallow Belief that we (humanity) can be any less than Pristine in all moments.

In that life I was fruitless in my endeavors because I perceived that there was a “better” way to be!!   I wished to push my perception of “ideal” on to their unique and individual journeys.      At the end of that life….once I had re-united with my LightSelf on the heavenly planes…I looked down to see that I was never meant to change another in any way!!!

Our incarnations are only opportunities to Be, Express, and Create all that we wish to personally know!!

There are no victims!!   Only participants!! ♥

So…..as I remember this once again.     Please assist me, Dear Spirit, in seeing humanity as Perfect and Pristine!!

There is nothing to “fix” in any way.    It’s all purposeful……….and supports our journey into Divine Remembrance!!

If I’m meant to inspire a world of PEACE…………..it’s important for me to truly see Peace flowing through each expression of Life I see.

Thank you for your love and guidance!!!     And so it is!!

In Faith and Ever-flowing LOVE,


photo credit: bing

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