Choosing A Path of Grace and Ease

Where we are is a reflection of all the choices and decisions we’ve made along the way. Each single step has added to the story of our unique and individual journey.

If we happen to find ourselves at a point of struggle in our life, please recognize that our thoughts leading to this point allowed us to believe that struggle, disharmony, and difficulty was a given possibility. We reacted as one who was surviving, instead of one who is thriving.

And if we now choose to shift that pattern of underlying insecurity to one of joy and prosperity, it’s important for us to begin reacting in love and faith, no matter the apparent situation. ♥

I spent the night in dream state, watching that my reaction actually triggered the opposing action and reaction from another!!

If I was strong enough to consciously stand in light, truth, and integrity, no matter that which appeared, I was able to easily free myself from the chaos that was just beginning to birth itself around me.

With my conscious choices, I either transformed the situation to a gentler tone or I calmly spoke my truth (without blame or shame) and stepped free from that experience with grace and ease.

I believe that we (those who are easily triggered by human insecurities) are beginning to see that there are always many choices to carry us through each moment and experience. We are never at the mercy of that which “appears”. There is always a path of Grace and Ease awaiting us on our journey.

So I encourage each one of my beautiful brothers and sisters to stand in Awareness today………..and realize that today holds the potential for you to powerfully shift and create your future reality!! 

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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