Standing In Awe of God’s Divine Light

Let me begin by clearly stating that to me……..God is that force of inexpressable incomprehensible LOVE that births all, sustains all, and empowers all.     Beyond any single identity….God is The Infinite ALL!!       Only Love can be known in his Light.    Judgment and punishment are not even a possibility!!

I often speak of “Spirit” as the expression of God’s Light in motion.    But in this moment….even “Spirit” seems to be an under-statement to describe all that I so joyfully came in contact with yesterday morn.

We gathered for a Sacred Wisdom ceremony…..wishing to open our hearts to sense the true beauty, complexity, and delicacy of Universal Source and Light in motion.      We created the portal with crystals, flowers, and silent prayer alone.    No words were spoken to activate the portal of Light we were about to step into.     We used the Power of our HEARTS alone!!  

And suddenly with a FORCE unlike anything I’ve ever seen……Divine Light poured from the core of Earth Mother herself up through our Sacred Circle and into the cosmic and expansive beyond.    I knew that a powerful Gate of Initiation had opened….and that within that gate no sense of Time or Space can exist.

In the presence of this LIGHT……my body became formless and expansive too!!!     No part of my Spirit was hidden in this Light.      I was naked, raw, and real in this GIFT of Divine Presence……………..and all I felt was LOVE for mySelf tooooooo!!!

The shell of all shallow perceptions and beliefs instantly shattered in this compassionate force of Truth!!     I could clearly See that there could be no obstacles, distractions, or resistance to any experience I’d like to know or be part of!!

In this Light ONLY Birth, Creation, and Life can be found!!! ♥

Even what we perceive as Death and Pain is actually a birthing of NEW energy and opportunity!!     In the greater cycle of Life………no Death can be.

I looked into this LIGHT to sense who and what it might represent.    There was not one single virtue and attribute that it did or did not represent!!!     It was the Power, Gift, Force, and Source of GOD’s Divine Light in manifest presence……for us!!

How do you breathe in such AWEsome BEAUTY!?!?

From all the work I’ve done in Spirit…..I knew that I could only remain in this state of Awareness by releasing all controlling thoughts.    I needed to simply receive…..and stay out of my “mind” as long as can be.     And yet…..the more I welcomed this all-encompassing compassion into my Heart….the more I expanded into formlessness.     So it was a dance to surrender……….and to remain grounded in the physical too.      In truth….I was learning to welcome this vibration of Love and Light into the physical realm!!

I can clearly see that now!!    The more comfortable we become in this Flame of Divine Consciousness and Truth………the more able we are to BE portals for this Divine Flame and Light upon this earth plane!!

A great shift is coming in the evolution of Humanity!!     The separation between Humanity and Divinity is becoming thinner and less removed.    So…………………prepare yourselves my beautiful brothers and sisters!!     We will each be offered greater and greater opportunities to look into the Heart of GOD’s Divine Light and come through it Awakened!!!

In knowing that my time in that portal was coming to an end……I selfishly expressed “I don’t wish to leave”.     And a great voice most wisely and aptly responded “YOU ARE THIS LIGHT!!”

Suddenly the thought of needing to cling to something that I already AM…………was comical.

Are you ready to see yourSelf as this Divine Force of Light and Love!?!?

I encourage you each to try!!   Only Truth and Freedom will you know!!

In Gratitude and BLISS,


6 thoughts on “Standing In Awe of God’s Divine Light”

    1. Oh my beautiful friend… did I miss your heart-felt comment?!?! Thank you for your kind words. That experience has shifted me at a deep level. I know that your heart is pure!!!! Use this prayer to welcome the experience that will bless your unique spirit: “Dear Spirit….Remind me of how loved I Am!!!”

      That simple prayer can create miracles. Many blessings to you!!! You are beautiful!!! ❤

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