Honoring The Gift of YOU

Today I stand in the Light and Joy of immeasurable and incomprehensible LOVE for you!!

To every bright soul who has seen me, danced with me, journeyed with me, honored me, inspired me, taught me, laughed with me, and cried with me……………I LOVE YOU!!!! ♥

My heart is over-flowing with GRATITUDE for the Blessing of Breathing, Creating, Loving, and BEing in pure and endless wonder!!

Seen and unseen……may every beautiful brother and sister know that I can not be all that I most perfectly am without the GIFT of  Y O U  in my life.

Pause a moment….and sense my LOVE flowing to you!!

Whether we’ve embraced each other recently, drifted apart without a word, or have yet to even look into each others eyes……..I am in AWE of  Y O U!!

We’re on this earth journey to support each other and awaken our greater Truth.     Today….let that Truth speak in a wave of magnificent ever-flowing LOVE.

Namaste’ ♥

In JOY and Wonder,


 photo credit:  Joyful Judith

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