Spirit Teachings

Birthing Our Physical Reality Through Spiritual BEingness!!

Do you hold a belief that our physical Selves are limited by the structured form they hold??

It’s quite easy to see our physical bodies and realities as broken, weak, and inferior in this society that continuously focuses on pain and disease.

But…..what if I told you that the pain and disease we perceive is only a reflection of the beliefs we hold within!!     What if I told you that as we begin to genuinely Trust and Believe in the POTENTIAL our bodies and realities hold………they will transform and re-generate at a core level to authentically reflect our new beliefs!!

Many of us have lived by seeing our Spiritual Lives as separate from our Physical Lives.    We naturally seek spiritual Bliss and Peace…in order to rise above and survive the density of our physical journey.     But if we continue to see these two powerful creative energies as separate…then our beliefs will continue to envision and support a limited physical experience!!

We easily allow our hearts to soar in infinite measure through Prayer and Meditation.     We joyfully welcome irrational and form-defying Miracles into our lives and easily accept them as True and Valid……..because we trust that the spiritual realms are far superior to the physical realms we know.

But even that belief creates a limited experience for us to know!!

Our inspiring speaker this Sunday at New Beginning Oneness Center in Tarpon Springs, FL…spoke about the merging of our Spiritual Self and our Physical Self for optimal health and wellness on all levels of BEing!!     His words melted into me as encoded knowing…..and continued to blossom on deeper levels throughout the day.

Then in perfect synchronicity….the book I’ve been passionately immersed in this week, The Bhagavata Purana, spoke in depth about the partnership between Purusha (pure consciousness) and Prakriti (nature manifest).

This Purana is a Sacred Text in Ancient India.   Its knowledge speaks of Creation, Spirit, Eternal Beingness, and the spark of Divine Essence in human form.    Listen to this quote from the Purana….and sense the true Potential it speaks of!!

“The Cause of the universe felt the universe within himSelf in a subtle, potential form, and he wanted to manifest the universe!!”

~ The Bhagavata Purana

This statement tells us that it’s enough to “want” to create the world and experiences we wish to know!!     Inherent within the infinite wonder that we are….lies the primal power to CREATE naturally!!

It implies that not through our mental faculties will we place energy in motion……….but through our passionate, heart-centered faculties!!!     As I’ve sensed and shared before……it is our HEART that puts all in motion!!     Words and actions are empty….unless they are in harmony with the TRUTH that flows through your great Spirit. ♥

This Purana also tells the tale of Kalipa Vasudeva…who is an incarnation of the eternal and ever-radiant Lord Vishnu.     He comes to bring the teaching of Bhakti (devotion) to the Kali Yuga (age of spiritual darkness).     In this passage, he expresses the primal power held within our own Divine Spirit!!

“Let me tell you about the Purusha, and how he pervades the universe.    Once you understand it, all your doubts will dissolve.    The Atman (great soul) in you is the Purusha, without beginning, without end.    Self-luminescent, there is nothing that is apart from Him.    He is ubiquitous, all things are of him, and he is infinite and eternal.   Purusha is primal.   He is distinct from and transcends Prakriti, the world of nature.   Purusha illuminates the universe.   Subtle, divine Prakriti is Purusha’s lila (playground).  Purusha’s flirtatious infatuation with Prakriti causes the universe!!    He is the refuge and the one who controls Prakriti.”

~ The Bhagavata Purana

Simply said….we are the sacred ones who bring form to the formless!!    We are the ones who direct universal energy into manifest energy.    And……….we are doing so naturally!!       It’s all part of the intelligent design that naturally is!!

So……what will you do with this knowledge and truth??      Will you begin to stand in Awareness……….and place your energy, thoughts, and intentions in to frequencies that support your journey??

Or will it take you a moment to authentically Trust that you are as power-filled as you most certainly are!?!?

It takes bravery to TRUST that you are responsible for your every experience!!     But………………..we all must begin somewhere!!     So today I encourage each of you to IMAGINE the body, the world, the relationships, the experiences that you wish to know.

I believe that’s the first step to living the manifest life of our dreams!!

In JOY and Ever-expanding Wonder,


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