Remaining Open and Receptive To All Expressions of Love

As deeply as you wish to Love passionately…..can you also sense that you may be resisting the very Love you pray for??

Today I’m speaking of the sweet and beautiful Love that flows through all potential moments, experiences, and relationships!!   This Love is beyond any single description or definition.    It simply is that gift of intoxicating joy, insight, peace, anticipation, connectiveness, acceptance, laughter, and inspiration that you find in all moments.    It tells your deepest spirit that you are loved, honored, and of purpose in this great big web of life.    It reminds us that we are inter-acting with every other living vibration upon this earth.

So…….I wonder….as I walk through my journey each day with a prayer for genuine Love in my heart……….am I also allowing mySelf to BE open and expressive to that Love in all its potential forms??      Or……am I pre-judging and limiting where that Love is worthy of coming from….at some unseen level of my being??

Today I realize that “I” am still a bit protective towards the energies I entwine with.    I dance to and fro….maneuvering playfully to discern which moments will (at some future point that is yet to be determined) offer true and genuine Love in some way.

How crazy is that??    If it is “yet to be determined”…………………..I may be missing out on a whole lot of intoxicating beauty and wonder on those paths that I’ve pre-judged as imperfect or less-than-supportive.

That makes me a bit sad.

So I remind mySelf of the greatest truth.    I can be no less than safe, secure, and protected in all moments!!!     There is no need to shield myself from any “unworthy” elements….in fear of not receiving my due rewards.  (((Smile)))

If i walk into each experience fully in Love with the beauty that “I AM”…… outer source can shake my personal bliss!!

There is never need for protection………………………and yet…..we always have the right to choose that which feels right and purposeful in all moments!!!      The trick is to make sure that we are choosing out of Love…..not out of Fear!!

Today I welcome all expressions of wonder-filled LOVE to find me……………..and Love me!!!    I am open and receptive to the ever-flowing BEAUTY that can be!! ♥

In JOY and Sweet Gratitude,



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