The Source Within…

I do my best each day to walk with Integrity, Love, and Compassion.    I seek the highest perspective in each experience that may appear…and pray for only Blessings to touch each moment that can be.

I do this all for mySelf alone…so that I may find Peace and know Love in all ways.

Soooooo…you can imagine how frustrated I become when my emotions react to the “Whammies” (outer disruptions and challenges) that sometimes appear.  (((Smile)))

When some sort of difficulty/complication/resistance appears I often flow through a series of natural reactions that can fully take 18 seconds or 18 days for me to work through.   Here they are:

  • I stand in actual amazement that it has appeared.
  • My feathers ruffle a bit as I think “How dare I be treated this way” (even if no other human party is responsible).
  • I remember that I will rise “above” this….and infuse it with Love.
  • I return to a state of Gratitude…remembering that it’s all perfect.

In truth….I thought that I’ve been so brave and wise working through each distraction this way.    I had believed that my ability to infuse Love into a less-than loving experience was helping to shift humanity forward on its path to Peace.

But I feel differently today.

I seem to be a Whammy-magnet these last 10 days….which means that my emotions are shifting from high to low to high-low-high every 14 and a half minutes.    This makes it clear that my old “brave and wise” method for rising above is not so darn “brave and wise” after all.     It’s time to re-evaluate.

And suddenly I see…………….if I’m needing to “rise above” anything…………I’m not trusting in the Infinite LOVE that flows through Me in all moments!!       If I’m still believing in right/wrong, healthy/unhealthy, supportive/unsupportive…..I’m still believing that it is possible to thrive OR survive in this great big beautiful world!!!

If I believe that I can and will “survive” in spite of anything that appears……..then I’m giving POWER to an outside world of unpredictable uncertainties.

And I don’t choose to give my precious Power over to any outside force.


That means that I fully TRUST in the Infinite Flow and Source I hold within!!    The world may spiral and unfold as it chooses for itself…………….but MY world is an ever-flowing expansion of possibility!!     I no longer require a barage of outer Whammies to remind me that my TRUE SOURCE of Love, Security, and Peace lies within!!     I am always and forever-more WHOLE within mySelf!!

And so are you!!!! ♥

What I’m looking to shift and heal….is the belief that ANY experience can be less-than loving or supportive for me.    It’s all just experience.    Only my interpretation can look at it as less-than Divine!!!

No matter that which appears…….I AM LOVED and I AM LOVE!!

In JOY and Ever-expanding Wonder,


3 thoughts on “The Source Within…”

  1. Wow. I have read this about 3 times and I keep going unconscious. Clearly this is now happening to me. I thank you for all your postings and this one is going into my reader so that I can reread it again.


    1. Gretchen…your kind words mean the world to me. I often write to simply give expression to my inner emotions and contemplations. YOU remind me that there is purpose in my sharing!!!!! ♥

      Thank YOU for all you share each day!! You are a true and radiant Divine Light!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My feathers have also ruffled (sometimes more than a bit) as I think “How dare I be treated this way”… when someone offends me, usually in the form of a verbal attack, such as bullying, or because I am exuding joy, the other person feels angry and lashes their pain outward towards me. This has happened to me many times in my life and I have sought to strengthen and change myself, especially my thoughts / vibration so as not to attract these particular people / energies. I have shifted to experiencing these things less and less, but since early childhood until just the other evening, these situations have occurred.
    I love your words of advice, wisdom, and encouragement in this post to help me loose the vibrations of “being a survivor” and allow myself to more gently flow and Just BE, as water.
    Much love!!


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