Channeled Messages

Any “Fall” From Divinity Can Only Be By Perception 

I was gifted a vision last week.   It's a vision I've seen before......but this time it's symbolism became crystal clear. I was dressed in pure a priestess of Divine Grace.   I found myself at the bottom of beautiful stairs that led to a Sacred Pyramid.   I knew that I had been… Continue reading Any “Fall” From Divinity Can Only Be By Perception 

Channeled Messages

The Great Spirit of Sadhguru

I walked into the grand and majestic Straz Center to welcome and receive any words of wisdom, truth, and knowledge the beautiful Sadhguru wished to share with all who had appeared.     Stillness came over the crowd....and we all sat bright eyed in anticipation of all that would take place. He spoke of deep… Continue reading The Great Spirit of Sadhguru

Mystical Musings

Learning To “Walk Our Walk”

Are we naturally "walking our walk" and "talking our talk"??    Or do we have one set of appropriate expectations for ourselves....and another set for all others?? I certainly know that we are each walking a path of Self-DISCOVERY......and there are many times that I silently witness myself to have made a less than loving… Continue reading Learning To “Walk Our Walk”

Channeled Messages

Holograms of A Time Gone By

Memories can sometimes resurrect the remembrance of past moments, emotions, and experiences.     But it is not a memory that I speak of today.   Memories are simply the vehicle we use to "recall" and "reconnect" from a self-reflective point of view. These holograms are much greater than a recalled experience.   From an… Continue reading Holograms of A Time Gone By

Channeled Messages

A World of Silent Wonder

I find myself craving for and connecting to the stillness lately. There's a sacred point within all apparent creation and experience that speaks an unspoken message of magnificent truth.     That's the stillness I speak of.    It's so often lost in the cacophony of "worldly experience" that distracts us. is all-pervading… Continue reading A World of Silent Wonder