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A World of Silent Wonder

I find myself craving for and connecting to the stillness lately.

There’s a sacred point within all apparent creation and experience that speaks an unspoken message of magnificent truth. That’s the stillness I speak of. It’s so often lost in the cacophony of “worldly experience” that distracts us. But… is all-pervading and shall always speak to our truest Self when we are ready to simply Listen.

I’ve been completely at home in that silent reverie these last few weeks and now am finding it a bit difficult to break that trance and re-immerse myself in the “world” we’ve created once again.

Does this happen to you?? Does it sometimes feel as though the “world” is so loud, that the cacophony of endeavored appearance and indifferent ambiguity stifles the voice of a deeper truth??

We, as an evolving and timeless society, have created a “world” within a world.    

One is filled with the chase of being all that is deemed as worthy, appropriate, true, and purposeful. And the other just is. It competes with no thing and holds no aspirations within its being. It silently awaits our notice and then shares itself freely and completely at all levels of being.

If you happen to know of this wondrous and soft-spoken world I speak of, tell me please, how do you return to the cacophony once you’ve spent time in its loving embrace??

That is where my pondering mind sits today!!

One world feels so incredibly supportive and expansive, and one feels a bit chaotic in its approach. I choose the first, but am also joyfully part of the second.  How do I find balance, to honor them both??

Dear One, you are still seeing it all as an either/or experience.  It is not so, and never can be.   

The only difference between one and the other is perception. No “world”, perceived or otherwise, can define your reality!! You are always the creator of all you see, embrace, or know.

What silent voice within yourSelf is showing itself through these emotions?? Is there a part of you that feels less-than supported on the physical realm??

Remember, my dear, it can not be so. There is no true difference between Heaven and Earth. Only your chosen belief can make it so.

Choose the frequencies you wish to align with and that is all you will know. 

Remember, it’s all a Choice. Forgetfulness and Remembrance, Love and Fear, Freedom and Conformity. No choice is pre-ordained with certainty. You gracefully create the experience which most resonates for you.

The world can only appear “loud” when you feel that you are losing yourself in it. It can only sound like a cacophony if you are uncomfortable with certain aspects of yourself (which are reflected in the world that surrounds you).

The “world” is only experiencing itself as it chooses. What do you choose for your Self??

If you place your energy back within, you’ll see the shift take place without.

As always……….this world is created for you!!!!!

© Alania Starhawk 2015

4 thoughts on “A World of Silent Wonder”

  1. Perhaps. I prefer the quiet and solitude of nature. I have lived thusly for four years and thrive. I make short visits to populated, buzzing areas and I am always glad to re enter nature.

    1. Beautiful sister……my heart so yearns for the quiet and solitude of nature as well. But finding Balance and Harmony between the two worlds is still part of my chosen destiny. This is why you are such an inspiration to me!!! You remind me that when it is time…………I toooooooo can find myself in the quiet and solitude of nature…in a greater way. I love you!! Thank you!!!

  2. Just thought about this…….nature heals and you take this with you when you enter the busy world. Actually it makes no difference where you are but, as you are healing within……it is easier to be in nature.

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