Channeled Messages

Holograms of A Time Gone By

Memories can sometimes resurrect the remembrance of past moments, emotions, and experiences.     But it is not a memory that I speak of today.   Memories are simply the vehicle we use to “recall” and “reconnect” from a self-reflective point of view.

These holograms are much greater than a recalled experience.   From an unseen but discernible point of being……they actually seem to present and awaken the energies of that particular time gone by.   Imagine a de’ja’vu…..but with awareness.

Throughout my journey of awakening….I have experienced them several times….as once hidden parts of myself emerge to be cleansed in the Light of greater truth.    But this particular hologram that presents itself to me now….is persisting for more than a few days.    It is definitely time for me to understand this healing phenomena more completely!!!

For clarity and understanding…..I’ll describe my hologram to you now.

There have been a great number of times these last few days…….where I sense the energies of my past all around me.     For that split de’ja’vu-like moment….I actually feel like the self I was 13 years ago.    I can sense the home I had, waiting for me to return…….the husband I had, calling out to me….and the emotions I felt, now filling me.

I instantly remind myself that these sensations are not real……….and I’m actually shocked that my world is not as it once was.    Over and over I am processing the shock of this truth.

I shift and refocus my energy to the beauty of Now………..but I can still easily identify with the woman I was.    Reality is warped in these moments………and the past is all too approachable.

I have always believed that these time-locked energies that can present themselves as holograms have been stored within our own energetic frequency.   By giving voice to them……in love….we free them from that time-lock and merge them back into our wholeness.

But……they usually last no more than a day or so.

Dear Spirit……I’d like to know why I’m still feeling the presence of these past energies awakened??   I ask for clarity, guidance, and truth!!   Thank you.

Aaaaahhhhh….you’re too hard on yourself sometimes.   Still yourself for a moment dear one.   

You are identifying with that aspect of you because there IS an aspect of your precious self caught in that self-created time warp!!!    

Think back my dear.   To “move forward” from all you knew was not an easy choice.   It was the bravest thing you’ve ever done.     You knew it was the right choice for you……..and that it would eventually lead you to a path of discovery.

But…….there were also valid and precious parts of yourself that could not fathom a world other than that which you had known.  So………they (those parts is your precious spirit) clung to that alternate reality………and remained there harmlessly….until they recognized that they too want more.

Recently, your prayers have been for Wholeness….at all levels of being.        These energies that appear as holographic in nature are absolutely real!!!!   They call out and present themselves to you because they’d like you to know that they are still immersed in that alternate sense of reality.

From that point of recognition…… can decide if you’d like to welcome those precious parts of you back into the whole!! 

But my dear……please know that this alternate reality feels and appears real to those ancient parts of yourself.     You and they….together…..must once again make the decision to “step forward” freely into discovery.

You must stand in compassion and grace as you choose a new path for all aspects of yourSelf.    If you push through authoritatively……you won’t be honoring that precious part of yourSelf and its valid truth.      See, sense, and feel as those ancient aspects of yourSelf do……….and then lovingly GUIDE them to this new, empowering, and ever-expansive reality!!

Let them know that you welcome them home………..and celebrate their presence and participation in your current journey!!

These holograms (as you call them) are offering an opportunity for you to SEE yourSelf more clearly!!    Do not resist, detach from, or dismiss their powerful call.      A part of you is longing to be seen and embraced!!

Blessings my dear…..on your journey of self-discovery!!!!    We love and honor your Bravery and Light in all ways!!


THANK YOU!!!!! ♥

Because I’ve worked so long and hard to free myself from those emotions and pains………..I wasn’t imagining that it had all originated within!!!     I was feeling as though something was calling to me from outside of myself……and I needed to resist in order to remain a bit sane.   (((Smile)))

This is yet another opportunity to recall and lovingly reclaim lost aspects of my beautiful soul!!!     I shall honor this guidance today…………and am sure that I will find Peace and Empowerment shortly.

In Gratitude and Ever-expanding Love,


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