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Learning To “Walk Our Walk”

Are we naturally “walking our walk” and “talking our talk”??    Or do we have one set of appropriate expectations for ourselves….and another set for all others??

I certainly know that we are each walking a path of Self-DISCOVERY……and there are many times that I silently witness myself to have made a less than loving or wise choice in a particular moment.    But I see, I learn, I remember, and I grow by the gift of that experience.

I hold no expectations for myself or others…..but I do stand in Awareness of what naturally unfolds.

Lately I’ve been close to some who talk a great talk……..and then make choices in opposition to their own expressed truth.    I attempt to gently mirror their truth back in order to encourage recognition.    But they either deflect….or relate the mirrored truth to some outside force for cause or blame.

It’s clear to me……that sometimes we each (all of us) have the ability to blindly set different rules, guidelines, and expectations for ourselves than we do for others.

I say this now in hope that recognition of this pattern…..may begin to shift its foundational essence.    This pattern is a remnant of an old paradigm that once served.

Not too long ago it was perfectly appropriate to think this silently….and then alternately reveal this openly.   It was common to have secrets, closed doors, and a self-preservational attitude.    But with spiritual evolution and self-awareness….comes a new paradigm of integrity and authenticity.

If our walk and talk isn’t aligned with what we outwardly proclaim…..then we are still living as a shallow expression of our full potential and Light.

For too long we’ve placed an ideal expectation on “they” and “them”….without holding ourselves accountable for those same goals and guidelines.

Awareness is key!!!!!

My first teaching in this came from my 6 year old son (he’s now approaching 13).     We drove into our development (at that time)….and noticed a torn garbage bag with filth strewn everywhere in a neutral part of the road.   No single house could claim it.   I naturally said “Ugghhhh…why don’t they clean this”??  And Matt innocently said “Well…can’t we clean it”??

His voice was like heaven’s Light.    Why was “I” placing blame to some outside force when I held the same ability to clean and offer community support??

I watched my use of “they” after that moment in time.   Which also allows me the vantage point of recognizing the extreme use of “they” in the verbiage and patterns of others.

In truth…..I don’t believe that a “they” mentality can co-exist with the concept of embodied Oneness.    It inherently implies separation.

In the Bhagavata Purana (an ancient Vedic text)….it says that in this Kali Yuga – Age of Dark Forgetfullness – even those clothed in sacred appearance will be feeding an alternate drive from within.

It’s too easy to excuse our own behavior and choices (myself included).    Are we genuinely walking with the purest vibration of Integrity and Authenticity??

It’s something to think about.

And……remember dear ones.    Even with this Awareness…..there is no right or wrong!!!!    There can only be what is right or wrong for ourSelves in any moment!!!!

Are we walking our own walk….with integrity??    Because our walk is the only walk that truly affects our journey!!   Our personal choices will naturally set us upon paths of karmic consequence. ♥

This whole great journey is just an adventure of possibility!!    If you choose Truth in your life……….don’t forget to BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!  (((Smile)))

In Faith and Ever-expanding Compassion,


3 thoughts on “Learning To “Walk Our Walk””

  1. Thank you, I have been dwelling lately on 3d news & its insane.soon as I step back & get back in touch with nature,awareness I am getting wonderful downloads such as this one.


    1. It’s so true!!! I am personally reminding myself that I can only make choices for mySelf!!! Everyone else knows what is perfect for themselves. How can I nurture myself in this moment??

      Thank you for sharing!!!! I deeply honor you my brother!!!


  2. Nowadays I generally don’t share many words unless the audience is interested or has a button to delete me. I can rarely share my thoughts which are focused on self discovery because there is usually no interest. As you say….everyone makes the choices which are perfect for themselves. Who am I to try to interfere? There is enough work to do without adjusting others. I do so enjoy reading about your insights and thank you for your thoughtful posts.


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