Channeled Messages

The Great Spirit of Sadhguru

I walked into the grand and majestic Straz Center to welcome and receive any words of wisdom, truth, and knowledge the beautiful Sadhguru wished to share with all who had appeared.     Stillness came over the crowd….and we all sat bright eyed in anticipation of all that would take place.

He spoke of deep subjects with light-hearted humor and made us all believe that he was just a “man”.

I paid attention to the words, the words, the words……even though he expressly conveyed that “words” are just words and have no true inherent power.       In all that was apparent….I looked for the great wisdom I was subconsciously seeking….even though he led us through a meditation that reverberated (through his own voice) “I am not the body.   I am not even the mind.”

I left that arena truly thankful that I’d participated……..but unsure of what I’d learned.      It was an odd sensation that was certainly beyond description.

I fell asleep early last night to hopefully gain greater clarity through dream state………….and was amazed at the bright clarity that revealed itself with first Light this morning!!

This morning – with an open heart – I welcomed Truth……………………and sensed Sadhguru’s Great Spirit standing in front of me.    I sensed his great big ethereal fore-finger reach out and POKE my chest while powerfully whispering “Go Deeper”!!

I sensed mySelf fall back into “surrender”………………and open to the unseen gifts and blessings that were all reverently shared at deeper levels!!

My guilty little truth is that – yesterday during the event – I was actually falling asleep in the presence of this radiant Master!!!    I was clinging to each word….praying that it would anchor me into that physical space and prevent me from falling asleep at such a precious moment.

Today his Great Spirit continued to whisper “Free yourSelf from the distractions of this earth realm!!”.   And I could now see….that even all that he offered on the surface – in that forum – was a distraction from that which was taking place at deeper levels.    Here are the words he specifically shared with me this morning….in the form (and formlessness) of his Great Spirit:

You will find entertainment on all levels of frequency.   Your attention will be called on all levels!!     Are you so attached to being present in physical form…..that you deny the extra-sensory experience??

Magicians are born in my presence……because they begin to look beyond the physical!!

Just because you were not in need of all that was “said” physically….does not mean that I did not SEE you….or that I did not speak directly to you!!    I have many to SEE on such a day.     And I have LOVE enough to S-E-E you all!!!!

Not only am I now recognizing how INTIMATE this precious meeting with Sadhguru was.     I am also beginning to sense that even the “words” that I considered simple and plain………………have much greater TRUTH encoded in them!!!

I am now hearing all that was shared……with new awareness!!

And………….he told us all plainly “I am not the body.   I am not even the mind.”

He was telling us plainly that SADHGURU can not be any physical form authentically!!!   He can only work through this form as a potentiality!!!    Why didn’t I hear that yesterday??     Why didn’t I see from the higher planes??

And so he continues to share:

Yesterday you were looking for the Divinity in the “man”.    But…..a “man” is just a man.    If you are still looking for a “man”….that IS what you will see.     If you look for the Great Soul – the Great Light – the Great Source of Life itself…..that IS what you will see……………whether encased within the man himself or not!!

It is all ILLUSION my dear!!    You know this….and yet you were distracted by it.     

But you missed nothing!!    In my Light……………… saw your own!!!!   Your journey has just begun!! ♥

Sooooooooo……my contemplation is now this.     Am I distracting mySelf with the surface entertainment of this earth realm??    Or am I endeavoring to honor and acknowledge the DEEPER EXCHANGE that is perpetually in place??



I AM so much greater and more expansive than I imagine mySelf to be!!!

In JOY and Ever-expanding LOVE,


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3 thoughts on “The Great Spirit of Sadhguru”

  1. Truly…the greatest meeting in your life. I used to fall asleep at the feet of my
    teacher some 40 years ago. He said it was a high state…..not to worry. Many years later I now know that it didn’t matter.


    1. Haaaaa….that’s too funny!!! I am still seeing the messages that were shared….unfolding in greater ways!!! And I still feel his Great Spirit guiding me….and giggling the whole way!!

      I so love you beautiful Gretchen!!! Thank YOU!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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