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Any “Fall” From Divinity Can Only Be By Perception 

I was gifted a vision last week. It’s a vision I’ve seen before, but this time it’s symbolism became crystal clear.

I was dressed in pure white, as a priestess of Divine Grace. I found myself at the bottom of beautiful stairs that led to a Sacred Pyramid. I knew that I had been born into that Sacred Pyramid of Light and Knowledge, with the purest essence of all that is Divine. I originally held no sense of duality, or concept of right and wrong, or distinction between pleasure and pain.

In my natural statpyramidLighte, I saw only beautiful free-will experience internally guiding all on their human journey!!

When I was blissfully standing within that pyramid of Light, only LOVE filled my heart for all of humanity. I could see only Potential and Light flowing to and through each precious soul.

But in this particular vision, I found myself at the bottom of the stairs that led to the pyramid. I was on my knees looking UP to all who represented that Divine Grace. I was begging for “them” to help humanity!!

This is profound.

I was born into clear and pristine Knowing that LIGHT flows endlessly through all realms of being. But, at some point in time, I began to align with the forgetfulness that can be in this dense reality. I began to see the bright souls of humanity as victims in a cruel reality.   I suddenly wished to save them and protect them from pointless tragedy.

Although I was not personally entwined in the drama that can be, I aligned with that vibration of being. I no longer could identify with the Divine Grace that flowed from within and I naturally united with those who experienced life from the base of those stairs.

As I witnessed this vision, I thought to myself “This is the moment that I fell from Grace”.

And in response I received this wise and beautiful message:

This vision was not shown to you to remind you of how you “fell”, but to remind you that you are returning to where you belong!!

What if those stairs, that pyramid, and those people, were not from any single point in time and space?? What if they represent your ethereal journey into Forgetfulness  and Remembrance??

Let me express this clearly.

You did not remove yourSelf from the Pyramid of Light, Knowledge & Truth in order to find yourself below. It is only PERCEPTION my dear. It’s part of the great Dream we speak of.

You are no less Whole and Divine than ever before.

You need not prove your worth to rise into Divine Grace. 

A shift of Perception will bring in clarity.

Be whole, within yourSelf.

You are perfect as you are.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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