Finding Our Focused Center

By going within to Center our energy and focus on the Truths we wish to embrace...........we find ourSelves more fully aligned with a Life of our choosing!! Let go of the desire to "fix" and "attain". Learn to be centered in the Perfect moment of pure potential we find ourSelves in now!!!  


The Power of Perception

In order to stand in Personal Power and Awareness......we must recognize that there are Infinite Perspectives and Perceptions to embrace in each moment!! We are never without Free-Will-Choice!! We are never without the Freedom to choose the path that best serves our unique journey!!

Mystical Musings

Reflections of Our Shifting Identity

How often do we sit in lovingly reflect upon our ever-evolving and shifting identities?? As we move through life.....we naturally resist energies that do not align with our personal and passionate spirit.   This is always true.   And.....if we don't pause long enough to recognize that we no longer are who we were… Continue reading Reflections of Our Shifting Identity