Mystical Musings

Reflections of Our Shifting Identity

How often do we sit in stillness……to lovingly reflect upon our ever-evolving and shifting identities??

As we move through life…..we naturally resist energies that do not align with our personal and passionate spirit.   This is always true.   And…..if we don’t pause long enough to recognize that we no longer are who we were last week, month, or year…….then we are still placing our bodies into experiences that once served and supported our prior selves.

As a simple and sweet example……..I once saw Pizza as this world’s greatest treat.    For a quite a while….I still went running to Pizza as if it had the power to open the ethereal gates and bring Heaven to this Earth.

Time after time I was uncomfortable and unfulfilled after eating Pizza….before I finally realized “I don’t think I’m a great fan of Pizza any more”!!   As outrageous as that thought is…….it holds true.

We are masters of looking forward on our journey…..which means that we don’t often honor the shifts that are taking place each day.    In order to see them….we must pause and reflect upon who we are and who we choose to be!!

Stand in awareness my dear friends……….and recognize that you are growing, expanding, evolving and shifting with each breath!!    It’s healthy to reflect upon your shifting identities a few times a year……….so that you can begin placing your bodies into experiences that celebrate the bright and magnificent YOU that you currently are!!!!

You are so incredibly beautiful!!!   Take the time to see yourSelf!!!

In Joy and Ever-Expanding Wonder,


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