Affirmations and Invocations

Calling Our Blessings Into BEing

When you look at yourself...are you seeing your own greatest potential?? Are you even trying to?? I encourage each of you to define your own experience each magically wondrous day!!   I encourage you to Honor, Claim, and Ordain every extraordinary BLESSING that flows to you endlessly!! For if today is an OPEN gateway of… Continue reading Calling Our Blessings Into BEing


“Run Into Life My Dear!!”

As I sat here in blissful Gratitude just a few moments ago...I sensed my Spirit Guides and Guardians gathering near.   So I gently requested for a Message of Love to be shared. I asked that I may see mySelf more clearly on this ever-spiraling journey. They giggled at first (as they so often do)...and… Continue reading “Run Into Life My Dear!!”

Expanding Consciousness

The Answer Is “Love”

it's been three or four days now that my left knee is greatly swollen.   No trauma initiated the swelling.   I just woke up to discover the pain and discomfort. I did not give too much attention to the swelling.   I trusted that it was energy moving through and releasing I silently… Continue reading The Answer Is “Love”

Mystical Musings

“Pain” Is An Illusion

Do not carry Pain like a badge of Victory!!   The "Pain" is not real. If you feel that you've endured...then you are still a victim of something that you believe to be beyond your control. However....if you believe that you have experienced in Perfect Divine Love...all that was for your best and highest good...............then… Continue reading “Pain” Is An Illusion

Mystical Musings

A Wish Upon A Star

Is this the way our wise ancestors kept us dreaming of greater possibilities and potential??   Was this playful pastime a way to subconsciously remind us that our Inner most prayers have value and are listened to by the higher realms?? We now benefit from free speech, open dialogue, personal choices, and boundless self-exploration.  … Continue reading A Wish Upon A Star

Channeled Messages

On The Dawn Of This New Day…

On the dawn of this new day that has been reverently awaited...."We" as a race are accelerating our United Energy by shifting our Awareness into our HEARTspace!!! We...together...are learning to Trust our innerSUN.    That radiant heartGlow and that universal heartBeat are all an integral part of our divineDESTINY!! No longer are we limited by… Continue reading On The Dawn Of This New Day…

Channeled Messages

Understanding Duality

The following is a conversation that I had with my Spirit Guides more than a year ago.    And then an extension of that conversation that I brought through today....for even greater clarity and understanding. ♥ Dear Spirit...I've been tired a lot lately. You've been through a lot.   And you are extending your energy… Continue reading Understanding Duality