Channeled Messages

Understanding Duality

The following is a conversation that I had with my Spirit Guides more than a year ago.    And then below……… an extension of that conversation that I brought through today….for even greater clarity and understanding. ♥

Dear Spirit…I’ve been tired a lot lately.

You’ve been through a lot.   And you are extending your energy in multiple vibrations….keeping all doors open to these alternate frequencies simultaneously.

Should I not be??

Dear One…one of earth’s greatest lessons is that you are all things!!    But you do not need to be all things in all moments!!   In this earth journey…you must honor the authentic YOU!!   

You are choosing to step forward in greater (not better) vibrations of light………..but also not leaving those past aspects of SELF behind.   It’s your choice.   But it’s more than you need to carry or take on.

Wait.   Are you saying that I am the one making myself so tired by holding on to unneeded identities??

Yes!!   Beautiful aspects of self that no longer represent your emotional space and truth are still being held.

Ok.   I wish to see this clearly.   Please help me to find clarity.

Do you choose to believe in your Voice, your Light, and all you have to share??


Do you also question the validity of your Voice, your Light, and all you have to share??


Ok then.   This is one point made clear.   As you welcome one clear set of personal truths into your life….you awaken the vibrations and experiences that match that energy.    And then… you cling to alternate truths by still giving them credit…you cause greater work for yourself as you try to uphold BOTH concurrent truths for yourself.    You are doing this on multiple vibrations.    It is a natural part of BEing Human in a 3dimensional reality.

Thank You Dear Spirit……for all that is shared most lovingly.    Please complete this teaching with any information that will further support and guide us.

It is natural to sense yourSelf as separate from alternate and varying aspects of BEing.    So let us bring clarification to you through a visualization.    Without shifting who you are in any way….you can identify with separate and unique aspects of yourSelf each day!!    You often know what it feels like to be a devoted and loving Mother or Father………..and to be a responsible member of society.

Through the identity of Caretaker and Guardian you offer nurturing comfort and security to your family and those you love.    You prepare food, share stories, and ensure that your home is warm and welcoming.

These expressions of BEing won’t always be your focus when honoring right-of-way on the highway, working as a team in a work environment, and interacting with your community on a larger scale.

Each experience of BEing…………holds a different frequency and therefore naturally gives VOICE to a different aspect of ourSelf!!!!!!

If we spent 3 days at home with our young children…………we would BE all that we’re guided to BE in that precious moment of experience……without losing the part of ourSelf that can identify with alternate ways and aspects of BEing!!!!!!!!!

All that is required in each moment will always surface from within!!!!   If compassion, patience, integrity, or creativity would bless this moment…………it will arise from within the infinite expanse that is YOU!!!!

Sooooooooo…..expand this visualization to KNOW that you have always been a force of Light and Life……..and that you have known more expressions of BEing than you can easily imagine!!!     But……………this present moment will only give VOICE to that part of you that matches the frequencies of this particular experience.

Without changing WHO you are…………………….you can continue to discover, expand, and reveal greater aspects of yourSELF by shifting perspectives, attention, and focus!!!    Just because you can identify with being the loving and compassionate Peacekeeper……….does not mean that you can not also identify with being the bitter and defensive Victim at times.

All potential is held within your greatest expansive SELF!!!

Where do you wish to place your focus today???

Which aspect of YOU do you wish to energize and give Voice to???

It’s all a possibility!!   Only YOU have the power to choose.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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