Channeled Messages

On The Dawn Of This New Day…

On the dawn of this new day that has been reverently awaited….”We” as a race are accelerating our United Energy by shifting our Awareness into our HEARTspace!!!

We…together…are learning to Trust our innerSUN.    That radiant heartGlow and that universal heartBeat are all an integral part of our divineDESTINY!!

No longer are we limited by the physical boundaries we once perceived.   This is the time where our own HOPES and DREAMS will lay a new foundation for all that soon will Be.

It is now the pure LIGHT of our own precious Hearts that will help us align with this new vision of LOVE!!

Be not deterred by all that “appears” to be.   The tides are swiftly turning…and the new path is Love!!

See this new future that you now embrace.   See the beauty and potential in the DAWN of this new day.

For as ALL new days begin with only a hint of the Light that will shine at midday….so our hearts will hold Hope for all that will BE our New Destiny!!

We are Free!!   We are Sovereign!!   We are RADIANT DIVINE LIGHT!! ♥

We are LOVE Divinely Manifest in humanEcstacy.

© Alania Starhawk 2012

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