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“Pain” Is An Illusion

Do not carry Pain like a badge of Victory!! The “Pain” is not real.

If you feel that you’ve endured, then you are still a victim of something that you believe to be beyond your control.

However, if you believe that you have experienced all that was for your best and highest good, then you have nothing to prove. There is no karma to balance. There is nothing to heal.

You are perfect as you are…… this and all moments!! ♥

Feeling less than Love in our life is painful. It’s the discomfort we know when our Soul believes that we need to be more, have more, or experience more.

“Pain” is no more than allowing ourSelves to feel “less than” in any moment.

But that is the illusion!!

If we always feel “less than”, we will never fully embrace the Love that we are.

We already are Love embodied.

Believe that you are part of that infinite Truth, and “pain” can no longer be. 

You are Love.

All varying perceptions are but an illusion.

© Alania Starhawk 2012

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