Expanding Consciousness

The Answer Is “Love”

it’s been three or four days now that my left knee is greatly swollen.   No trauma initiated the swelling.   I just woke up to discover the pain and discomfort.

I did not give too much attention to the swelling.   I trusted that it was energy moving through and releasing itself….so I silently repeated “I release all that no longer serves me!!” whenever I thought of the discomfort.

Last night (before heading into dream state) I asked to see the core issue clearly so that I could fully step forward freely!!!!

My dreams were filled with emotional trauma!!!   Trauma that evoked Anger in me that seethed through me!!!   My body was tense and my desire to express myself was explosive.    I was frozen in that state of irrevocable Anger and Pain throughout the night (no matter how the dreams changed).

In the dreams….I moved on with “life”……but jumped at the opportunity to re-anchor to that past pain whenever the current energies allowed me to do so.

The moment of emotional trauma had come and gone…………but “I” was keeping it alive in my energy field!!!!  

I finally awoke to our current reality because the Anger had built to such a crescendo……that I popped the dream state focus.     With the return of my conscious awareness I certainly knew that I did NOT wish to carry this  anger and pain forward with me!!!!!’

So I sat silently in bed….considering all of the ways I could ultimately release this emotional trauma completely.   I considered welcoming Forgiveness, embracing Non-judgment, and accepting Divine Right Order.    But I didn’t feel PEACE flow through me til I felt L O V E touch every element of the experience!!!!!

The moment I felt Love flow through the entire “traumatic” memory………….I felt only Kindness and Compassion for myself and for those triggering these patterns of Pain and Hurt in my life.

When LOVE fills an experience………all alternate questions and perceptions dissipate!!

There can actually Be no concept of “pain” when you know only Love!!!

No matter the question……the answer is always Love!!! ♥

I trust that my knee will now be healed, energized, and rebalanced once again!!!

Thank You Spirit!!!!   I am fully Blessed!!!!

In Joy and Deep Gratitude,


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