Mystical Musings

Life Happens!!

Life and all of its many unexpected twists, turns, surprises and nuances, will continue to flow into and through your life daily, regardless of how at-Peace and centered you become in your own sense of Self.

The centeredness does not come because all Life suddenly aligns in absolute harmony with your particular vision of ‘perfection’. The centeredness comes because you only align with and identify with the energies and vibrations that currently represent you!!!

Think about this. Our televisions, computers and satellite radios are overflowing with countless expressions of stimulation to captivate our attention. We are the only one who chooses which channel or website to interact with. Just because another soul honors and celebrates the recounts of our Civil War in explicit detail, does not mean that I must choose to trudge through that experience for myself.

Life works the same way. Any single day can be filled with opportunities to know comedy, beauty, and challenge in infinite array. Only we can discern which particular experiences are worthy of captivating our attention and only we can discern how we react to each of them.    

Life is an ever-flowing river of possibility. If we seek to control that river into servitude and compliance, we shall find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed before long. However, if we become the observer of Life in its natural state of ever-flowing potential, then we are gifted the opportunity to consciously participate with only the expressions, perceptions and experiences we choose.

Keys will mysteriously misplace themselves, poodles shall become muddy, relationships will shift and evolve, celebrations will be rained upon, happy routines shall require re-evaluation, and our favorite anything will one day lose its luster and glow. But if we observe all as an expression of Life………..and not an attack upon our ‘perfect’ world……….we suddenly detach from the need to only know ‘perfection’ each day.   

Suddenly the surprises become comical, the challenges become purposeful, and the beauty becomes treasured!!! ♥

Life Happens!!    

How will you observe it or embrace it today??

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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